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For years after we left Canada, whenever the subject of our pre-cruising life was brought up, we’d have friends and acquaintances ask us if we missed running our gym. Even though we accumulated countless positive memories from the years and years that we did so, and most certainly do miss the martial arts training itself, we do not miss operating the business. Nor do we miss running charters, in spite of the positive memories that we took from that too.

The related question now being thrown at us is, will we miss cruising? Our answer, which at this point is obviously only speculation, is no, we won’t. Or at least, I don’t think so, not at this stage. Perhaps a year or so from now, after the drama associated with our boat problems is nothing more than a campfire story, we might. But today, when we leave the boat, we’ll be looking forward, and not backward.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. – Albert Einstein

If we do have a regret associated with leaving, it’s only that we’re doing so at a time when our good friends Steve and Darla could possibly use our help. In just the past week, Darla was admitted to the hospital here in Martinique, and Saturday, only days after we will have departed, she will be making her way back to the States too. Steve, with the help of his son, who’ll be flying in just before Darla leaves, will be sailing their boat down to Grenada where he will lay it up, before following in her footsteps (or airplane contrails as the case may be). I won’t get into the specifics of their situation but if you’re concerned, they’ve posted details on their Facebook page.


Lots of love to our friends on Forever. We will miss them!

As we all know, things can come out of nowhere that can play havoc with even the best laid plans. Looking back on the past, second guessing our decisions, seldom helps. Nor does only living for the future, one that can’t be predicted by anyone. By all means, plan for tomorrow – plant the trees that will be there for generations after you’re gone – but realize that the only certain thing we have is today. We’ll try to make the best of our day, and honestly hope that you will too!


  1. Emotions. I read so many in that post. This will sound stupid and I have written it and deleted it 4 times before hitting ‘submit comment’. >> I’m proud of you guys.

  2. Last summer, I returned to my slip after sailing solo and found an older sailor standing at my dock. He was one of those in shape silver haired guys, looked to be about 70, ramrod straight, still looked like he worked out. A still formidable guy. He asked me a few questions about my boat and myself and then invited me back to his boat for a beer. The boat yard was deserted and it seemed like he was just looking for someone to hang out with so I went. He had a beautifully equipped old Tayana 37, meticulously cared for and he spent an hour or two showing off the boat and telling me great stories of his cruising days, which were decades ago. He told me Kingston was now home and he had his wife and family and friends and a nice house, but he kept the boat. Then he got sort of philosophic and he said that when he dies, he will be totally at peace because he had “been to paradise” and seen so much and fulfilled his dreams. I thanked him for the beer, shook his hand and excused myself but I have thought about George many times since then and I figure he was telling me something I needed to hear. What a great life to have adventures, and also to go back home, see your family and reflect on things. Go in peace ZTC.

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