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As I suggested that we would, after making a stop at the fuel dock to top up our tanks, Rebecca and I moved our boat to a more secure anchorage yesterday morning. A number of other boats have followed suit, and I suspect even more will later today.

As it turns out, the pending storm shifted a bit more to the north last night, making the forecast for our area look a little better. It’s unfortunate that what is good for us ends up being bad for people elsewhere though. We have friends on the islands north of here, and it now looks as if they’ll be getting the more severe weather. A more positive result would have been to have the storm dissipate altogether, although that is unlikely at this time.


Sunset soak. Who needs a sensory deprivation tank?


Our backyard last night. The calm before the storm?


  1. All you can do is make your best call, and hope everyone else does as well.

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