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Later this morning, after Rebecca has completed her workout, we plan to raise anchor and move to a little more quiet spot to wait out this impending bit of bad weather. While I don’t think it’s going to amount to anything too catastrophic for Grenada, our present anchoring location is a tad exposed, so we could use a bit more protection. We were due for a change of scenery anyway. 🙂




  1. Does not look that bad, a big anchor. lots of chain and a strong wifi signal should get you through.

    • “Does not look that bad.”

      How many people who failed to prepare for a storm and then ended up with their boat wrecked have said those very words?

      At the time I wrote this post the storm was centered at 10N, moving W to WNW, and we are at 12N. The track was, and perhaps still is, very much up in the air.

  2. What an amazing story chasing bubbles is.
    Thank you for bringing it to people’s attention.

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