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As part of our preparations for leaving Canada, Rebecca and I felt it prudent to have physicals done by our respective doctors. Rebecca’s came back perfect (big surprise). One of the things that showed up on mine though was that my blood pressure appeared quite elevated. So much so that I was instructed to wear an automated blood-pressure monitor for a 24-hour period back in August. The result of this test? Yes, I definitely have elevated blood pressure! This was surprising to most people, myself included, in that I am not overweight, do not smoke, and basically lead a fairly healthy existence.

It was explained to me that in 90% of the cases the doctors never really know WHY someone has HPB. So, what was prescribed for me to deal with this? Move to the Caribbean! This is an appropriate spot for me to say “I like my Doctor!

If “stress” has anything to do with blood pressure rising, it wouldn’t take a genius to deduce that we have been under a fair amount throughout the last year, and my Doctor knew that. Throwing ourselves 100% into the unknown, and challenging ourselves at every turn, “might” have had an effect.

This week began our first week as employees as opposed to business owners. That’s right boys and girls… for the first time in over 20 years, the buck NO LONGER stops with me, and I like it! Although my workload has not yet decreased all that much, I can already feel the stress melting away.

Our plan is coming together, and life is good. Just wait ’til we get to those clear, warm waters!


  1. Dana Smiley in Seattle Wa - Reply

    Mike, Rebecca I found your site about 5 months ago and have read all your entries.. Love it all of it. I’m sort of living my dream of the liveaboard life through you two. I have to say I’m sort of sad your not staying on the boat this winter as I was enjoying all your upgrades, additions and sailing advertures. Every morning I check my e-mail and then go to Zerotocrusing even before coffee. Thank you for your daily updates fab pictures and invaluble boating, sailing information..
    I too am trying to sell my condo for the purchase of a sailboat and have my name on every waiting list for liveaboard in Seattle. Slow going but have rid my self of all things not associated to living on a 30 ft sailboat.
    So Mike has you blood pressure gone down or is it waiting for warm blue waters? Congrates on the ( sail) of your bussiness!! Dana

    • Wow Dana. Before coffee? Really? That rocks, but now I’m under pressure to make sure I get the Blog updated early. I don’t want you running around with a caffeine headache!!!

      The process for getting rid of your “stuff” takes ages, doesn’t it? Sounds like you’ll be ready when the right opportunity comes along.

      I actually haven’t tested my BP, although at my Dr.’s suggestion, I did buy a monitor. Perhaps I should. If it really did go down we could promote this lifestyle as a cure. 🙂

  2. Mike,

    While not exactly stress-free, you will be moving to a different kind of stress at a much lower level. IMHO, it can’t be anything but good for you.

    Whenever I start to get stressed down here, I make a point a thinking what I would be doing RIGHT NOW if I were still back in the US. Calms me right down.

    Fair Winds,

  3. Of course, today I found myself chasing these huge 1/2 inch ants with huge pincers that had taken up residence on the boat. Later, when I paused and said, what would I be doing RIGHT NOW back in my previous life, I knew it wouldn’t be chasing ants…still, we made progress towards getting the boat back together so we can sail north to Grenada.

    Fair Winds,

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