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Reminiscent of the movie Highlander, the Annapolis Boat Show is a “gathering” of sorts for both cruisers and boaters in general from all over. We didn’t even make it in to the boat show yesterday and we still ended up hooking up with some friends, and narrowly missing others. We started off by connecting will Bill Trayfors to acquire the insulator for our SSB radio antenna. He kindly dragged us to the Boatyard Bar for Oysters and Oyster Shooters. Tasty! Thanks again for treating us, Bill!

Shortly after that we ended up getting together with the Washington, DC crowd. They sure did seem happy to see “The Canadians” again. Then again, perhaps they had just been drinking a lot. 🙂

Tonight we’ll be heading to a real “gathering” when many of the PDQ owners in the area will be meeting up for a cookout/party. We haven’t yet decided whether we will sail there or drive to the party. One of the funny things about this area is that it will take hours to sail someplace that we could drive to in 20 minutes. We’ll see.


  1. Have fun and have a great weekend!! We want to hear about the neat stuff at the boat show.
    Love how you all look so happy!

  2. Sounds like a blast! Have fun and looking forward to seeing pics of the boat show. I hear it’s one of the best.

  3. Sorry I missed you guys! The boat show is always fun, but a reminder of all I can’t afford as well.

  4. Islands? Did someone mention islands? I wanna come to the islands!! Well, it will just have to wait until I can scrape up some more dinero to hold me over for the winter. Only a month or so to go in the chip truck and then r&r. You guys look as though you’re really enjoying yourselves. Good times….M

  5. Looks like fun to me!

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