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We’re still here, having fun, in Beaufort, NC but have also been trying to be productive. Yesterday started with Rebecca heading to shore to do a second laundry run and while she was gone, I once again plumbed in our watermaker. I did have that completed at one time before but when we installed our new Jabsco head, I removed the sea-water connection. It’s back on now though so when we get to some nice clean water, we’ll be all set to go.

When Rebecca returned she broke out her sewing machine and set to work on making some covers for the jerry cans that we carry on deck. We have been told that the sun is so strong down south that uncovered items are quickly destroyed by it. The covers are made from Sunbrella that matches our sail cover and they are even sewn with special UV-resistant thread. She did a great job!

This was the previous day’s laundry run.
The rolling cart makes it much easier to get to the laundromat.

Rebecca is really getting the sewing thing all figured out.

A completed cover…

…with a little opening so that we can siphon the contents out without removing them from the rail.

It’s not all work though…

We started our Halloween decorations.
The black stuff is electrical tape, so it’s not permanent.


  1. Love the cover! Rebecca did a great job. The Halloween pumpkin is a really great idea, too! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  2. Awesome job on the covers…. I smell I business there. I would pay you to make me a few!

  3. Awesome job Rebecca just where did you learn to sew like that!

  4. Nice job on the covers Rebecca! You will be so happy with them because the sun effects are just brutal!

    Regarding your watermaker. You should be able to make water virtually anywhere along the ICW. We found we had to change the filters more frequently, but otherwise once we started south we never used our jerry cans again (except in places like Vero Beach where the water was free and easy to access directly from the dink.) Push button; have fun ashore; return to a full tank is our routine.

    Fair Winds,

    • Hi Mike. Thanks. Rebecca did an awesome job on all 6 of them. Now she is sewing a barbeque cover in the same material.

      I didn’t know that about the watermaker though. I had assumed we wouldn’t use it until Florida.

  5. Love your spirit!!!!! Great job Rebecca. We need at new mainsail cover . . . This could be income for your cruise!

    Have a great weekend! No boat for us this weekend.

    Treat or Treat!

    P & S

  6. Crazy cool pumpkin fender! I am going to steal that idea. Zach just looked over my shoulder and said, “Is that my friend the strong guy?”

    • LOL @ Zach.

      We were just bragging about what a good boy Zach is yesterday when the discussion came up about kids on boats. There is another cat here with a 12 yr old boy on board and he seems great too.

  7. OK, Mike, solar charge controller and watermaker in the same week. You ARE a plumbtrician. Rebecca, fabulous job on the sewing; Dan would be pleased (I think). Soup for you!

  8. So, when do the bikes and bike rack show up… with a custom cover!

    • You know, we just got back from riding to the grocery store on our friends’ bikes. Yesterday we used them to tour around Beaufort. I am now almost sold on the idea of getting a couple. Perhaps we’ll just look for a couple of inexpensive beater bikes that we can send to Poseidon when they rust out.

      • Exactly. And get a rack at the same thrift store.

        Some argue they make no sense on boat, but I think it depends on whether you liked bikes beforehand. We find they increase our range and spontaneity.

  9. Great job on the covers! Next thing you know she’ll be making seat cushions.

  10. enjoyed the posts greatly

  11. Well, by the time you guys need new sails, Rebecca should be all ready to make them. Fabric is MUCH CHEAPER than already constructed sails. I also like the pumpkin, BTW.

  12. Mike-do you have a brand name or a manufacturer on that cart you can share. That looks like a sweet one. And although you may have posted this before…what kind of sewing machine is it. Thanks much.

  13. Wow! Those are some first rate covers! They’ve transformed those somewhat unsightly cans into something really smart!! I can see you getting a lot of orders for those while you are out, might want to stock up on some fabric! Well done, Rebecca!!

  14. Rebecca, you did a great job on the covers! I just bought a new sewing machine but I don’t know if it will end up on the boat (I think I need shore power to use it). Sunbrella really is expensive but I found a very swanky fabric store that for some odd reason carries it. Anyway I’ve bought pieces for as low as $5.00 each (remnants I’m sure). We so wanted to head south using the Dismal Swamp but as I type this we are motoring toward the Virginia Cut since we have a schedule to meet this time.

    • Hey guys
      Be careful about that schedule thing. I read what you posted about getting beat up on the way to Norfolk. Didn’t sound like a lot of fun.

      As for the sewing machine, ours will run on our inverter but I did have our honda running while she was sewing the other day.

  15. Hi there,

    Was just about to buy my own sewing machine to do some similar projects. What machine are you folks using? Some of the Sailrite models look pretty big and beefy, not to mention expensive…

  16. Mike,
    Thanks! That looks like an awesome machine – I came across it in other internet searches. Thanks for the recommendation.

  17. Love your site and your sewing tips…..I happened on a new LSZ-1 sewing machine form Sailrite. I friend has bought it for his wife then she passed with out ever have used it and it gave it to me. So I had to learn to sew.(thats saying a lot for man of 68 that never sewed)….still have a problem sewing a straight line…LOL…..anyway I have been buying from Sailrite and still do but a friend gave me this site and the prices are a lot cheaper for a lot of items….Checkit out $500 dollars worth of material cost me a little over $300 and shipping was less. keep up the grate articles.

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