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With friends in Grenada, we were very closely watching the development of soon-to-be Hurricane Tomas. Like us, when threatened with Hurricane Earl, our friends did all the prudent things including stripping their boat and adding plenty of additional lines and chafe gear. Also like us, it now appears that fortunately the storm will miss them. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be too destructive for anyone else.

It did look as if Grenada might get a direct hit. Today’s forecast shows the storm passing about 100 miles north of there.

What were we doing while our friends were “battening down the hatches?Rebecca, now on a roll with her sewing machine, made us a matching sunbrella cover for our Magma barbeque. Covers similar to this can be purchased in most chandleries but they cost stupid amounts of money. We couldn’t bring ourselves to pay what they wanted for them and they don’t really come in the proper colour either. I think Rebecca’s is much better.

While she was doing that, I worked on putting together our new free teak cockpit table. We received this table from Brad and Julie, a couple who own another catamaran back in Ontario. One of the legs had a small crack in it when they purchased it so the retailer gave them a brand new one. With no use for two tables, they passed the damaged one along to us. Thanks guys! The crack was easily mended with some crazy glue (I love that stuff). Now we have a place for munchies while at anchor and when underway, it folds up easily and stores in our port berth (aka the garage).

Speaking of tables, we typically use our main salon area as our chart table when underway. I snapped this pic to show our solution for keeping the charts from sliding off the table in rougher conditions. We just use an adjustable clamp and it works perfectly.


  1. Nice job on the BBQ cover. I wholeheartedly agree about the stupid prices, we shall be tackling the same project soon. Nice score on the teak table, it is a beauty!

  2. That is a lovely table. Glad your friends are OK in Grenanda, and hopee Thomas does no other damage. They will still get a lot of rain and wind, but at least they didn’t get a direct hit. Will be interesting to see where Tomas goes next.

  3. Just got my grill cover in the mail from E-bay. While it was much cheaper than the stores, it was still too much! I really need to learn to sew like Rebecca!

    • Rebecca is just learning herself. Just like you are doing with sailing, you just need to do it to learn. Get a decent sewing machine with the proper needles, thread and fabric and go for it. 🙂

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