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The combination of seeing all of the creative names people have for their boats, and listening to the chatter on the VHF radio, started us wondering. When hailing someone on a VHF radio the correct procedure is to say their names 3 times in a row. For example, Katana, Katana, Katana, this is…

What if our boat was named “Blah,” or better yet “Boogidy?”

Last night we celebrated “Talk like a Pirate” day by watching “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” while at anchor. Fun movie. And speaking of pirates, we saw the ship in the photo below when we were out sailing yesterday. Pirates about to attack that small sloop perhaps?


  1. That’s funny, I guess you should practice a bit with the boat names like you should do when thinking up names for your kids…. we stood on the back porch and yelled the names out to see how sounded, our picks sound better with the middle name added. I’m going to keep Achoo in mind for my boat.

  2. Hi Mike, Rebecca!

    Any idea what boat is pictured here? Looks strikingly like the ‘BlackJack’ from the Ottawa BYC .


  3. I think it is the brig Niagra returning from Lake Erie. She was at Put-In-Bay for the celebration of the birthday of her late Commander, one Oliver Hazart Perry.

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