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The beauty of a professional theater performance, beyond the script and the acting, is that the audience is completely unaware of all the things that are taking place behind the curtain to make the show happen. I like to think that this website is a bit like that. People visit here, read the posts, comment if they choose, and then move on, oblivious to much of what has to happen to keep the show going. The writing and photography are the obvious bits, but sadly, there is significantly more administration taking up our time.

For example, even though I run a WordPress plugin that notifies me of dead links, I spent more than an hour this morning manually checking website links listed on our Research page. While the majority of the ones I checked were still live, I found several that were completely broken, and a number of blogs that haven’t been updated in a year or two. Unfortunately, without a broadband connection, the job was just taking too much time to check every link.

I think that our Research page is a great resource, but it loses it’s value of it is not kept current. If you come across a broken link on that page, or anywhere on our site, be it a dead one or one redirected to someplace that it shouldn’t be, please let me know and I’ll remove it. If you’re visiting the blogs that I have linked and you see one hopelessly out of date, I’d like to know that too. Equally important, if you have a sailing blog that you are keeping up to date (you needn’t post daily as I try to), whether you’re in the early planning stages, or actively cruising, please give me the link and I’ll add it to our site.