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Day one of the boat show is in the bag and I’m happy to report that I think it went well and that both boat and crew were well received by many of the brokers. We had a very busy morning with, at times, up to 4 brokers on our boat at once. The afternoon tapered off a bit but was still busy enough. I’m betting that today is similarly hectic.

In between “interviews” I snapped the following pics to show how we staged the boat. Although visitors to the Zero To Cruising Facebook Page got to see many of these photos yesterday, I know not everyone who reads this blog goes Facebook. So, here you go…

A “selfie” taken to show our nice new uniform shirts.

We staged the salon table for formal dining even though we expect that the mast majority of meals will be served al fresco in the cockpit dining area.

The iPhone has a cool panoramic feature.

Rebecca made up each of the four cabins like this, including ours. We were told by the first brokers who visited us that most of the crewed yachts just close the door to their personal cabin. Even though it’s a bit more work, I think the way that we did it is better.

Rebecca baked banana bread for morning snacks and set out other hors d’oeuvres for the afternoon. That, along with mimosas and other beverages were available for the brokers who visited us.
Today will be similar.

And we set out all of the big toys so that visitors could see
the fun things that we have available for our guests.


  1. Looks very good from here :-). Well done. Good luck for the next two days too.

    Was Michael pleased with it as well?


  2. I’ll second the Well Done!

    And I loved the new “uniforms”.
    Any chance in the future that the uniform shirts may be available to purchase via an online store, etc?

    I personally have a very good feeling that this venture is going to go well – Good Luck!

  3. Looks amazing, real nice touches throughout the boat especially in the dining area. Looks like one could enjoy themselves no doubt. Good luck with the show today!

  4. Well done!

  5. I see you got the paddle boards . What brand and how do you like them?

  6. Looks great! What sauce is with the tomatoes?

  7. What was the most difficult question of the “Interviewing” process?

  8. Sounds/Looks like One Love could be one of the best crewed S/V’s Around!!

  9. Impressive, simply impressive. Nice job!

  10. Looks like you did a fabulous job of staging – you have really been working hard at getting everything ready and it shows – best wishes to you in this new adventure of yours!

  11. The picture of you two is very nice! There’s something apealing about it that I think will help potential clients want to cruise with you. I hope you generate lots of business.
    Good luck!

  12. Did you have any time to visit other boats? If so, did you pick up some ideas that you had not thought of? And opposite, did other owners/crew visit One Love? Along the same lines, is the charter crew “community” similar or different from the cruising community? I would think even though

    • We did not have a lot of time to visit many boats nor did we want to bother the other crews who were busy with brokers themselves. It is a tight community though and we have already made a number of friends that I’m sure we’ll spend more time with as the season goes on.

  13. continued (sorry, I hit submit inadvertently)
    ….there is a kindred spirit among charter crews, there is still that sense of competition.

    • Although some boats are obviously competing for the same clients in some cases I sense that most crews tend to work together as opposed to against one another, much like boaters in general.

  14. Looks great! D & Don

  15. Hey your roots are canadian . Everyone likes us Canucks. Good luck it’s looking awesome.

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