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It was two and a half years ago that we last visited the amazing BVI tourist destination known as The Baths. This is, for many visitors, a must-see. Just as on our first visit though, a north swell was running causing the park to issue a red-flag warning. This basically tells boaters that they should not use the park moorings nor should they try to swim to shore. We heeded that warning and took an open-air taxi from Leverick Bay. Other visitors were not so smart and we saw the result of that with at least one guy getting pretty banged up on the rocks as the surf threw him about. That warning is there for a reason!

The four of us had a great time walking the trail to Devil’s Bay. As is typical for us, Rebecca and I opted to do a bit more exploring, scrambling up, over, around and under the huge granite boulders which border Devil’s Bay. Truthfully, we could spend all day there, it is so much fun.

As we returned to One Love with almost 300 pics, there is no way I could trim them down to just a few for this post. Instead, here are the thumbnails for the pics that I have uploaded to a Facebook album that you can view. No, you need not be a Facebook user to see the pics. Just follow the link and enjoy. Better yet, take a trip down here and see The Baths for yourself. We’d love to be your tour guides!