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It must be something in our genes that makes us all enjoy a party even more if there is fire present. Add a full moon to the fire and you have the makings of a first-class event. The people at Trellis Bay have had this figured out for some time.

As the November full moon coincided with Michael and Julie’s time on the boat, and neither one of them have had the chance to attend the Trellis Bay full moon party before (neither had we!), we definitely had to go. We wisely heeded the advice to arrive in the bay early because, sure enough, by 1:00 PM every mooring ball in the crowded little bay was full. That didn’t stop people from coming in later though, either trying to anchor in between the moorings or outside the field.

The party was excellent with both a live band and a DJ providing choices for music. The fires were lit around 9:00 PM and the dancing and fun continued long after that. We were also able to briefly make contact with one of our blog readers, Jay and his wife Tracy. They had just arrived here in the BVI with a number of their friends and for the next week will be enjoying themselves on a tandem bareboat charter. We love meeting people who actually take the time to read this sometimes silly blog. Have fun, guys!

Anyway, for people who enjoy a good party, the full moon fete at Trellis Bay is definitely a must-do event.


  1. It is fascinating how much you are finding to do in a small part of the BVI.


  2. The Trellis Bay Full Moon Party is something I have yet to experience. Last time I was on Tortola, there was a full moon but I was not up to driving all the way from the West End to Trellis by myself at night. Maybe next visit I will find a way to get there!

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