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Here’s a quickie post about a product that I like, the Ancor Mini Pocket Butane Torch. Trying to light a lighter on the deck of a boat is about as frustrating an activity as one can do. Why would you want a lighter in the first place? To melt the ends of freshly cut line is one example of when you could use a lighter, or to heat up electrical shrink wrap tubing. Anyway, normal lighters just won’t cut it in the wind. This product does.

I read the reviews on the Amazon page that I linked above and there are several unfavorable ones. Well, the product works for me and as far as boat stuff goes, it’s pretty cheap. Note that it does not ship with butane in it. You will need to buy a can of butane and fill it yourself. Yes, it is refillable.

And nothing to do with the lighter but the post subject reminded me of it… 🙂


  1. I have a couple on board and at home. Mine use a bic type lighter and all I do us replace the lighter when it runs out. Great for the tool bag instead of lugging a full size propane torch and great for getting into small cramped areas on the boat.

  2. Thanks for the great gift idea. What are some other items you like having onboard. Christmas is coming!!!



  3. This exact same torch is also sold under the Iroda brand. (Canadian Tire often has them for $5.) Mine are >5 years old, still start with one click as long as they have fuel, and burn hot enough to solder copper pipe. Good for impressing people on camping trips after they’ve destroyed the last match from the packet.

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