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Now that back traveling again, away from our little hidey-hole in Hog Island, we once again have to regularly check on the weather. Not that we didn’t do that at least once per day while in Grenada, but now it’s on a different scale. In Grenada we had little plans to be sailing island to island and thus were primarily concerned with large tropical disturbances that could cause us problems in our protected anchorage. Now that we’re on the move again, we’re looking for wind and sea conditions which will make our travels pleasant.

One source I was checking today to find out what we “might” see on our way towards St. Martin is It sure would be nice to be able to sail to get there!


  1. Mike – sorry if I missed it, but can you do an update post on where/when/route of your next leg of cruising?
    Love the blog!

  2. Looking at today as well. Great minds……….. 😉

  3. Looks good. But 270M @ 5knots = 54 hrs. Long way!


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