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On our initial trip south, Rebecca and I spent a couple of months cruising the Chesapeake Bay area. While sailing there we met several people who, even though we’re not in daily contact with them, I know will be lifelong friends!

One of these people, Cindy Wallach, is an accomplished writer with countless articles having been published in various sailing mags. While she and her husband used to own and cruise on a PDQ catamaran similar to ZTC, like us they now live on board a larger cat, a St. Francis 44.

Not too long ago Cindy contacted me to ask if we’d consent to doing a bit of an interview for an article that she wanted to write for SpinSheet Magazine. Of course I consented and this story is the result of that interview. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please feel free to share the link with your friends!


  1. Thanks Mike! I hope our watery paths cross again someday, somewhere.

  2. Very cool. Now I have to go to West Marine to get a paper copy!

  3. Mike; If you hook up the chartplotter/ais to the radio you can use DSC. It is just a couple of wires…go for it! Enjoy reading your blog..regards

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