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Some of the things that we’ve been working on the past couple of days:

We replaced the Raymarine radio that was originally installed with this new Standard Horizon radio with built-in GPS. We did not get the AIS version as we already have an AIS black box on board.

Because it is impossible to determine which channel the radio is on from the helm, or adjust the radio’s settings, we installed this remote command mic. It may seem a little silly given how close it is to the actual radio but after having operated the boat for a year, I think it’s going to be very helpful.

The new starboard side electric winch showing how we can lead lines to it from the port side.
Both winches were fully serviced before they were reinstalled.

The motor which drives the winch, hidden behind a cupboard in the galley.

Yesterday’s main project: installing the new Mastervolt inverter/charger. This unit replaces the Xantrex one that we purchased (and replaced twice) last year. Huge thanks to Budget Marine in St. Maarten for their help with that drama!

Installation in progress.

And now a fun one… salon mood lighting! I used some of the leftover LED strip lighting that we had to replace the ridiculously hot (and dangerous — they melted) halogen lights on the nav table.


  1. The radio wasn’t at the helm? What’s up with that?
    Why not use red lights so as to not effect night vision?

    • Many boats don’t have the VHF at the helm. In our case it was close to the helm but not close enough. As for the lights, as I said in the post, I used leftover LED lights from our cockpit installation. It was not meant to be practical for navigating.

  2. Hello,

    It would be nice to see the electric winch in action, a short video would be cool 🙂


  3. that Mood lighting is perfect, reminds me of being ‘Rigged for Red’, which was interestingly enough not red light, but was low level white light. I think the made the change from the historic red right before I got to the boat.

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