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From what we hear and read it seems that many (most?) people who purchase a boat are constantly spending money on it. We have decided to do things backwards and buy everything needed for a boat before we actually get one! 🙂 We spend so much time in West Marine that they just about know us by name. We are definitely going to have to visit the other chandleries in town just to shake things up.

Today we visited Collin’s Bay Marina which was recommended to us by our student Patti and her husband. When we phoned there yesterday, we spoke with Michelle who owns the Marina along with her husband Hub and made plans to visit them for a tour this afternoon. Coincidentally we received a plug for the same Marina both here on our blog and via email from a lady named Jennifer. It took several emails back and forth with her for me to realize that she is the same Jennifer in the Blog that I linked earlier. I think I should have had a bit more coffee this morning! It gets worse though. Rebecca and I made plans to search for Jennifer and Al’s boat Ruth, which is moored at Collin’s Bay. When we asked Hub, who was conducting the tour, if he knew of the boat, he pointed out that it was right beside us! Yes, more coffee was definitely needed today!

Anyway, after a bit more correspondence we made loose plans to meet Al and Jennifer for drinks, when hopefully we will be able to pick their brains a bit about their plans. They are due to head South for their own adventure on July 6th. They have to be excited!

Did I mention that we spend a lot of time at West Marine? Yes, well we were back there again today to pick up our portable GPS which was on backorder and some chart-plotting (navigation) tools. These are just a few more boat things that we have acquired, before ever actually owning a boat.

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  1. yes when we first bought Ruth, we were in west marine so much that when we didn’t appear for a couple of days they went into withdrawal.

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