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We’ve now had experience dodging crab pots, fish traps, fishermen, jet skis, kayaks and canoes. What we had yet to experience, until yesterday that is, is dodging para-sailors. Upon entering Orient Bay yesterday we were faced with not one but two boats towing tourists high above them. At one point I made a pretty dramatic turn to starboard because I feared the parasail’s line was at risk of hitting our mast. THAT would not have been fun for any of the parties involved!

I am pretty sure that I would not want to be up in the air
like that with a big squall looming on the horizon!

Rebecca is no stranger to that kind of excitement. Here she is para-sailing in Mexico a “few” years ago.

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  1. Whoa, hairy! I guess most of the operators probably wouldn`t know what a squall line looked like, or what a “rotor ” could do to their canopy! but then again mabe ?

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