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When I missed posting on our blog the other day, Michael jokingly consoled me by saying that it was OK because I needed to wean our readers off of our daily-posting schedule. After missing yesterday, the second time in less than a week, you might think that that was exactly what I was trying to do. I can assure that it’s not. Some days I wake up and immediately begin running, missing that opportunity to sit down with my cup of coffee and share my thoughts. I don’t like it but it happens. Is this trend likely to continue? When we have guests on board, almost assuredly. I’ll try to do my best though. After all, I enjoy my coffee and computer time.

Over the last few days we have done our best to bolster the USVI economy, or at least help to increase K-mart’s gross sales figures. The list of things on One Love that are original from her days as a bareboat is getting ever shorter. Yesterday, while Rebecca and I were working on the boat, Michael retraced the route that we took him on the day previous to pick up a number of colorful indoor-outdoor cushions for the cockpit and a new 32″ flat screen TV. Although I was happy with the smaller TV/DVD combo that came with the boat, we did not receive the remote control for it when we took possession. Unfortunately, without a remote, the TV was next to useless. Even the properly-programmed universal remote that we purchased for it couldn’t access most of the unit’s features. How important is a TV on a vacation boat? I wouldn’t think that it would be all that important but I do believe that some of our friends use theirs. Anyway, we now have a splashy new one and we christened it by watching a Distant Shores episode last night, the perfect program to get rid of that new-TV smell.

I should mention that this TV-break-in session took place after our little dinner party where we had a dozen guests join us on board. Friends from several charter boats like ours and cruising friends now living and working here in St. Thomas all joined us for some drinks, good conversation and kebabs barbecued on our new grill station. It was a great way for us to all blow off some steam after a long day’s work. I’m sure after all that excitement, I would have slept peacefully throughout the night if I hadn’t been awoken by a bang at 3:00 AM. I have now learned my lesson. We can not leave the kayak only loosely tied to the trampoline. The wind that accompanied an early morning thunderstorm attempted to relieve us of the kayak and if I hadn’t made it out onto the tramp to secure it with some more line, it likely would have succeeded. A cold very-wet lesson was learned.


  1. Happy Halloween!!!! What happened to your “pumpkin”.

  2. From total sailing newbies to live-aboard cruisers to charter boat outfitters and soon to be active charter boat captain and chef of “One Love”, we’ll be fine and can handle a little bit of slack from Zero to Cruising. Now go tie your toys… 🙂

  3. I’m sure the blue lights look better in person! lol

  4. It’s going to take awhile to ween myself off your daily posts! I too enjoy my morning coffee reading your posts. When I find an extra $?,???.00 I’ll be seeing you in person. However, don’t hold my spot as it will be awhile. Can’t imagine anything more fun than spending a week onboard a cat with you and Rebecca! I’m sure your guests will definitely get their money’s worth!!!

  5. For me, it’s a morning thing to check your blog for that new post. Although my dream occasionally shifts between a cruising boat (Gemini, Catalac, etc.) and a coastal sailer (Hirondelle, Cracksman…), your blog is still the favorite.

  6. Where are you installing TV? Is this the only TV aboard?

    • The old tv was, and now the new one is, attached via an articulating arm to a bulkhead in the salon. It is viewable from the salon seating area.

  7. That picture looks like a lotta fun … so many people fitting comfortably in the cockpit! Love the lights too!

  8. Add it to the list of things that can go “bump” in the night 🙂

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