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From time to time we receive comments or personal messages from readers letting us know that they have been supporting our blog through our affiliate links. They do this by either purchasing products that I have directly linked in posts, linked on our Research Page, or by starting their shopping in one of the Amazon search boxes that conspicuously adorn the right-hand side bar of this blog. I would like to offer a super sincere public thank you to everyone who has done so, and to those who have even considered it!

One particular friend of ours suggested that, with back-to-school upon us and Christmasjust around the corner” (his words, not mine!), I should post a reminder about how this type of support really aides us. Well, here we go… although we’re never going to get rich from the tiny amounts that Amazon pays us for each recorded affiliate sale, it does help, both to support this blog (yes, it does cost us a bit of money to run it) and also our cruising. So again, thank you. We really do appreciate the support!

Amazons. Get it? 🙂

We’ve got a busy day planned. We already started early, meeting our friends Marty and Gabrielle from Santosha at 7:30 AM to play six games of 2-on-2 volleyball. Rebecca is now off on the shopping bus while I, once this blog is updated, will resume cleaning the boat in preparation for our guest arriving tonight. If time allows it, we might try our hand at some Cricket this afternoon (we’ve never played before) and as soon as that ends, we’ll be off to another Dinghy Concert in Clarke’s Court Bay. That event will conveniently end around dusk, just when our Blue Moon Party will be kicking off at Hog Island. Yeah, it’s going to be a busy day!

Even at 7:30 AM the sun and sand were hot!


  1. Great photo of the crews of Zero to Cruising and Santosha! We miss you guys.
    BTW, not sure the other photo accurately depicts amazons. I believe the name is actually derived from a masos and I will leave it to you and the Oracle to track down it’s reputed origin. (hint: archery was involved)
    Have a great time at the blue moon!

    • You think I have time to research stuff like that? Like I said, we are busy. Jeesh. 😉

      PS: Hurry back. We miss the Rumicube games.

      • Any game with the word “Rum” in it sounds good to me. Just out of curiosity, what does a blog like this cost on average for a year? I assume the pics are what drives the price up. Love the blog, thank you very much for the entertainment and pics of paradise. A pm would be fine if you don’t want to post that info. You both inspire me! Rick

  2. An Amazon was actually on woman with one breast! They are believed to have cut off their right breast so they can better shoot a bow!!

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