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The video component to our hike in Deshaies. Unfortunately the battery died on the GoPro camera before we got to the best part of the hike. 🙁


  1. That will be a spectacular place in the rainy season!


  2. weird question for you guys, but what kind of flip flops/sandals do you wear during all of your hikes and warm weather travels? I’m a big fan of OluKais, but was wondering your preferences.

    • We were wearing boat shoes on that hike. We used to wear Tevas but both of ours have self-destructed. On serious hikes we typically wear running shoes. We also both have real hiking boots although don’t break those out very often.

  3. Were you carrying the GoPro or do you have it attached to your head, backpack or something?

  4. Mike & Rebecca,
    I’m looking for video cam and am considering the GoPro too. I’d like to know what shortcomings, if any, you’ve experienced with it. One concern I have is that there is no zoom. I read that by changing the focal range it acts kind of like a zoom. Have you tried that?

    • Hi Alex

      First, thank you VERY much for your donation! We sincerely appreciate the support.

      As for the GoPro, I’m not sure I would recommend it as a general use camera. It is really good at what it does but based upon the little use that we’ve had with it, I would say that it’s a bit limited (features, controls, etc.). We have not tried what you are referring to so I’m not sure how that would work. I know it wouldn’t be super convenient to do that on the fly though. Our Canon D10 takes decent video although not when zoomed in.

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