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As much as Rebecca wished that we would get a boat big enough for a dance pole, that was not to be. So, she improvised and found alternatives. But, now that we are stuck on land for the next 5 and a half months, we might as well take advantage of the additional room and high ceilings!

Although Rebecca still dances for the fun of it, she has virtually given up teaching lessons, due to our plans of leaving the city, and a lack of a good venue for the classes. If there are any aspiring dancers reading this who would like to pick up the North Pole Fitness banner, send us a message!


  1. Does Rebecca have any sisters? 😉

  2. Hi Guys, thanks for the email reply earlier and I had to chime in here as well. It’s funny the similarities…Holly wanted to do a pole dance class, as it was just becoming more popular but the local instructor who she reached out to never did get her business together and Holly ended up in competitive fitness events instead. I’d still love to see her learn and the physical benefits are apparent in this picture of the lovely Rebecca. Thanks for sharing!

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