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Well, not exactly “at sea.” Yesterday marked our two month anniversary of living aboard Katana. We celebrated this tiny milestone while anchored out at Kerr Bay. This was the first time we have been able to test out our new anchor, and the weather is cooperating by making it a good test. The wind isn’t exactly strong but it is coming in at the exact opposite direction that it typically does. This means that the waves in the anchorage are much bigger due to the increased fetch of the lake. We feel very secure with the new ground tackle but definitely need to polish our deployment of it. The new chain rode and the new bridle conspired to make my first attempt at setting it look a little less than professional.

No, we didn’t catch anything. Which is surprising because we were using pieces of pepperoni and cheese as bait. If I were a fish I definitely would have been biting!


  1. Congratulations on your two month anniversary!

  2. Ok, fish don’t know about pepperoni and cheese, except catfish! Get that stuff down on the bottom, and they will take it! As to the anchor setting, where are the pictures of that? Mike seems to always be the one holding the camara taking pictures of Rebecca. Time for some equal opportunity here! LOL

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