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That is what we decided on Monday afternoon, after having spent a couple of fun days anchored at Kerr Bay. After all, we’re only an hour’s sail away from the marina. We’ll just get up and leave shortly after breakfast on Tuesday to get back to work by 11:30 AM. What could go wrong?

Fog! Don’t worry folks. The fog is clearing as I am writing this.

The weekend was great. We made plans to meet up with Brad and Julie on Southern Star, their 40 foot Solaris Sunstream catamaran. It was only after rowing over to see them on Sunday that we realized how big a cat can really be. Their boat is huge! We had a great time visiting with them and are really appreciative of their hospitality. Thanks guys.

Not that we had any worries of dragging but I thought it would be fun if I could snorkel out to where our anchor was set, dive down and take a pic. We have a waterproof camera that has been sitting around for some time (one of those weird old ones that actually take FILM) that would be perfect for the task. Diving on an anchor here is likely a bit more challenging than in the clear waters of the bahamas. My luck was strong though because I did actually manage to find it. Once we get the pic back I will scan and post it, if it turns out.

A work in progress… pizza on the barbecue.

Working off the pizza pictured above!


  1. Hey, it was our pleasure. And while our boat may be bigger, it is in relative terms a maintenance nightmare, nowhere near as pretty (and I suspect at least in light air, not as fast).

    I was really impressed at how quickly you too are coming along – so for friends and family who think you are crazy in undertaking this, I can only say: the two of you are bright, eager to learn and realistic in your plans. Rather than being the source of worry, you should (and will) become the source of envy!

    Anyway, enjoy the balance of the sailing season! We’ll touch base with you regarding the cockpit table.

    Brad & Julie

  2. Well bravo to you to on taking on such an adventure! I just discovered your blog and so I am going to add you to my blogroll too.

    You aren’t alone in just jumping into the fray of buying a boat without much sailing experience and just doing it. A couple from Minnesota have/had an extensive following (and lots of naysayers) when they decided to sail their catamaran around the world. Check out Pat and Ali’s adventures at But whatever negative nellies tried to discourage, they DID it anyway. Hopefully you’ll stay inspired too. Also, you may enjoy reading “An Embarasment of Mangoes,” by Anne Vanderhoof.

    And something to note, I was recently speaking with a woman who spent 5 weeks traveling in India and was the only one in her group that didn’t get sick and swore by adding these purification pills that she picked up at Mountain Equipment Coop. I take acidophillious pills on a regular basis (it keeps up the healthy bacteria in your stomach) and find I am not getting the usual bugs and sniffles.

    But on that note, this neat invention called the Lifesaver Filter from seems like a no brainer of an investment to any travel.

    Good luck to you both!

    • Hi Tana

      Thanks for the comment and the suggestions! We are very familiar with Bumfuzzle and their exploits. Pat is actually my “friend” on facebook:)

      We have also both read an Embarrassment of Mangoes twice each. Very motivating book!

      I am going to check out the water info you just posted too!


  3. Sadly my underwater anchor pic didn’t turn out. Bummer 🙁

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