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Rebecca and I will be heading to the boatyard shortly to get back on with our work, so I don’t have a lot of time to write something elaborate today. Instead, I’ll leave you with an inspiring (to me) video to watch, detailing one family’s impressive journey. Enjoy!


  1. That was amazing! The things they have seen, just wow. I love the fact that when they hit Canada, at least I was like, oh I guess that’s it……but nope right across the Atlantic again. Those kids have had an awesome upbringing and when they are adults will probably be one of the more interesting people to have a conversation or just hang out with. Do you know if they are still going and do they have a blog?

  2. Watched the video and read a bit of the blog. They seem like an incredibly capable and thoughtful family. Raising kids at sea!! Amazing people. I doubt we could have done all that they did, but we can sail pretty well. The fall is here now, with cool air and sweet wonderful sailing days.

  3. Love the video!! Thanks for posting. I have been trying to talk my wife into this very thing. She is not keen on the idea but my six year old daughter is all for it. Gotta keep working on the wife. What and amazing family. Thanks again!!

  4. “I don’t have a lot of time to write something elaborate today”.
    Sometimes less is more.

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