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At some point in time I must have read an article on the subject of creating a legacy because I had those exact words jotted down on my “things to write about” list. To tell the truth though, at this moment, I can’t remember exactly what inspired me to write that note. I do recall thinking at one time about how our past efforts sharing the martial arts with people probably had a broader, more significant, and potentially longer lasting effect on people’s lives than what we’re doing now. Every now and then though, we receive a message like the one below, that leads me to believe that what we’re presently doing isn’t entirely selfish, and it makes me feel good.

Hi Mike & Rebecca!

First off, thank you once again for all the inspiration you’ve provided us!

Well, it’s finally here. Sold the house, sold the vehicles, sold all land possessions, retired young-ish, spent the last 3 months in full-time boat prep mode, and in 48hrs we launch and move aboard! We’ll shakedown cruising Maine waters until sometime in September. Then, we’re following your wake down the ICW!! Eventually to the Bahamas and beyond.

I’m not sure how to explain what an amazing influence you have been on helping make our dream a reality. I follow Rebecca’s fitness page as well. It’s been great for planning how I can continue to train while afloat!

We sincerely thank you for sharing your adventures.

…and of course, Betty was your 1000th follower so, we had to do it for her free sundowner. 🙂

In all seriousness though, thank you both!!

I sure hope we catch up with you sometime!

Jim & Betty
Que Sera Sera
Bangor, Maine

Thank you so much for sharing, Jim and Betty… you made me smile!



  1. I used to think a lot about when I am gone, who will remember me? Where will my name be seen? I wanted a lasting reminder to someone that I once had been here. Now my name is on the credits of over a hundred movie or TV productions! That makes me happy.

    Not exactly a ‘legacy’ but it still makes me happy and fulfils that desire to have my name somewhere when I am gone. (It is also always going to be on IMDB!)

  2. It is an interesting topic, what will be my legacy? I likely won’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to me. I am trying to make a mark at my company and leave the group I manage with stability and a plan going forward. I really feel I have created something there.

    Where I really see my impact is highlighted by what I see in the mirror. I see my dad. I chuckle at it sometimes, and it makes me happy. I know that I have 2 sons (and a daughter) that someday will look in the mirror and see me. I know that when they do they will re-live the love that I have for them, just for a second, and I will smile down on them.

  3. You seem to have a strong instinct to teach, and the legacy of a teacher can be vast and deep, although not always seen. This is a talent that not many have and it can be a poweful thing. I mean, it can change someone’s world – so it can change the world. I’d love to see you turn ZTC into a nice hardcover book. And I’d like to see you do a Tedx talk.

  4. Yours was one of the blogs that inspired us to buy a boat and cruise. Four years later, we’re almost broke but happy. One of the reasons we have been successful cruising was keeping firmly in mind your idea of a good “fun to suck ratio”. Its our golden rule of cruising.

    Thanks again!

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