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I had written a technical post but apparently there are some errors in my math that need working out. I guess I’ll have to settle for this today. 🙂

Starting out from Admiralty Bay yesterday. We were actually able to SAIL the entire way to our destination! How nice. One thing we weren’t very happy about is that we saw a cool looking old deserted fort just a short distance along this coast. The guide book makes no mention of it (too busy plugging restaurants I guess). It would have made a nice dinghy trip. Hopefully our friends read this and are able to check it out when they arrive here.

Perhaps we should give up on the fridge and live on fresh fruit and veggies. Here we are trying a starfruit for the first time. This was given to us by our friends Wade and Diane on s/v Joana. Thanks guys, we enjoyed it.

We first dropped the hook in Salt Whistle Bay. The shallow areas were a little crowded but we found a so-so spot. I say so-so because Rebecca was only partially sold on the holding that the bottom offered, amidst the toilet and other garbage that she saw down there. We took a short walk ashore and had what I think was a quasi-expensive beer from a little shack. When the wind shifted 90 degrees and the anchorage developed a nasty swell, we took the opportunity to use the last hour of sunlight to move around the corner to Saline Bay which is much nicer. And it had free wifi which the other bay didn’t. 🙂

Looking up at the village from our anchor spot in Saline Bay.

If the clouds look dark it’s because they are. There is a nice little squall rolling through right now.


  1. On your squall picture I see what looks like a block on the clue of your genoa. Is that right? If so, how does it work please?


  2. Starfruit! If you want to try something different, try Genips. Genips are so amazingly sweet and delicious you will forget all other fruits. They grow all over the Caribbean and are a favorite of the islanders. I have never seen them in stores but you can get them at roadside fruit stands. They look sorta like grapes so keep your eyes out for them.

    • Interesting! When Rebecca and I had our honeymoon in Brazil, we had the chance to try several fruits which we had never seen before. In fact, we were just trying to remember the name of our favorite one. Sadly its name escapes us at the moment.

  3. Since in the Caribbean, what percentage of the time have you sailed vs motored…50/50, 25/75, 40/60?

    • Passages where we have only sailed (apart from raising and setting the anchor): less than 5%. Motor sailing to windward is the norm, for us and most others.

  4. I usually look for your blog first thing in the morning. I was a little worried when you hadn’t posted by afternoon. Getting to feel like I know you and Rebecca. Really enjoy the travel info and pictures. Thanks.

    • 🙂

      So glad you like it, Debra.

      I do try to post in the morning, but we’re a little at the mercy of the Wi-Fi Gods.

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