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It was several months ago that we signed on for Offshore Sailing’s “Fast Track to Cruising course. As the course approached and we reviewed (and studied) the course material we grew skeptical of how all of it could be covered in just 8 days. Here we are now though sitting in the Tampa Bay airport on our way home 1 day after successfully captaining/crewing a 49 foot sailing yacht on an overnight voyage! Rebecca and I along with one other classmate set sail from the marina on January 2nd with instructions to go out and practice what we had learned and to simply bring the boat back by 10:30 the following morning. Were we stressed? Definitely! Did I mention that this was a $400,000.00 yacht? Did I mention that up until a week ago we had never sailed anything larger than a Laser or a Hobycat? Well, the course lived up to it’s name and although we certainly have a world of things to improve we feel very confident that if dropped into a similar boat again we could be off and cruising.

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  1. Great stuff R&M. Already spreading the word to family and friends. More pics wouldn’t be amiss, though.
    Calm winds & fair seas.

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