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It’s been a while since I’ve made a simple photo post. The following images show some of the fun stuff that’s been happening since we arrived back in Grenada.

Our friend Ross from s/v One White Tree showing off
his great singing voice at Clarke’s Court Bay Marina.

Diana (One White Tree) and Kirk (Ainulindale) enjoying themselves.

Donna and Rebecca at Roger’s Beach Bar Barbecue.
Do you think maybe Donna has a bit of a drinking problem?

Several months ago a controlled burn on Hog Island got a bit out of control.
The evidence of this is still quite obvious as we walked around the island.

What is this? We weren’t sure but it was pretty enough to warrant a photo.

A friend of ours, Steffen, enjoys a Father’s Day outing with his son Josh.

Samantha just can’t believe that Rebecca is voluntarily bathing in the water.

Rebecca and I with George and Katherine from Earthling
enjoying a dinghy concert in Clarke’s Court Bay.

Rebecca and I helped move Kirk and Donna’s Lagoon 440 from Port Louis Marina to Hog Island.
What a beautiful boat!

Would you believe this white pipe is Whisper Cove’s “intercom?”

Gerard (Saltwhistle) and Peter (Jabaru) performing at Whisper Cove Marina.

How’s this for a catamaran?

While this Pan Band was performing at Prickley Bay Marina…

… the masons were still working on the newly-constructed stage.

George and Katherine yesterday, at the beginning of their first hash.
This was taken before all of the water, mud and beer!

The trail was challenging but fun, as usual.

She can never pass by a pole without testing it out.

We need to make our way back to that road far in the distance.

Running through the jungle…

… and through rivers!

The Pied Piper for dogs although instead of a pipe, Rebecca has chicken.

Receiving a new Hash Name: Shortcut.


  1. I have been following your blog for a while as it is a goal of mine all my life to do what you are. I have been on boats all my life and hope my wife and I can someday leave our jobs to cruise. I am a fellow Canadian on rotational work for the past year in Juba, South Sudan. I am very involved in the weekly Hash Runs and love seeing the pics of your Hash antics. I just hope Hash names are not transferable!! Keep posting and look forward to reading about new adventures!

    • Hi Daryl

      Are hash names transferable? Yes, although that certainly wouldn’t stop a new hash group from giving you an even better (WORSE!) name. 🙂

  2. Lovely post, great pictures. Definitely fun.

    Bit of an insult to be called shortcut. Did they catch you or something as you tried to catch up with Rebecca? 🙂

    I had been wondering how Samantha was settling in. Presumably well – food a bed and a litter tray makes for a good home!

    What’s the story with the hairy catamaran. Is it a self-build and they have decided to take a break, rake up some more money, and continue in due course?


    • ALL Hash names are meant to be insulting, or silly, or vulgar… none are meant to be complimentary. Shortcut related to my hair which is a lot shorter than the last time we were here.

      Samantha is doing great. She seems well at home now. As for the other cat(amaran), I don’t know the full story, only that the owner is refitting for a bar I think.

  3. What do you use for litter for the feline? We are thinking about, when we get that far, of using the stuff vets use to collect urine samples. Little plastic (?) pellets you rinse and re-use.

    • Currently we are just using the normal cat litter that Samantha’s previous owners gave us. We have a friend who we met in St. Martin that uses marbles which he can rinse off. That is what we’d like to work towards although I understand it might take a bit of work.

  4. Good to see the Catamaran Tiki Bar is progressing. Another use for a turtled Privilege 39.. It says Amici on it but I think is is actually Moonshadow, a 39 that was caught up in the Hurricane..

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