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Designed to make our lives easier or safer, or so they say, there is no end to the tools (toys?) that boat owners can throw money at. I even wrote a post about this not too long ago. Even though I know that we don’t need all this new stuff, that doesn’t stop me from drooling over it.

Some might recall the post where I wrote about the Garmin fenix watch that our friend Carl gave to us. I love the watch and truth be told, I am wearing it right now. If you think that’s cool though, check out Garmin’s new quatix watch. On the surface it looks to be almost identical to the fenix but this one, designed more for mariners than trekkers, has some pretty slick boat-related features, not the least of which is the ability to stream data from your vessel’s instruments, and control your autopilot (when paired with the optional transceiver, sold separately, of course).

I have no doubt that when Garmin released the fenix watch they already had this one near ready to go. It’s no inexpensive piece of kit but where boats are concerned, what is? BOAT does, after all, stand for Bring On Another Thousand, right?

Sexy, isn’t it?


  1. You’re so right…There’s never an end to gadgets and toys we drool over. Especially us guys!

    I have to admit, I never considered a “watch” to be sexy, but I think I’ve crossed over now!

    Looks like a great addition to the toy/tool box someday.


    • I really could see it being a nice addition. To be able to check the instruments when off watch from the cabin would be cool, as would the ability to control the autopilot from the trampoline. It also does plots an automatic position MOB if you fall overboard. All of the above requires the optional 200 dollar transceiver of course.

  2. This is a tough one for me. I understand the phrase, make our lives easier and in most respects these toys or gadgets do, but then again investing hard earned money (doesn’t always come easy) for the ability to own another thing that promises to change your way of living life and at the same time owning another thing to worry about like if it stops working or you get too comfortable to live life without it or even losing it. I’m trying not to put new gadgets down, but let’s not forget that owning “more” is itself not simplifying life.

    Hope you guys had a great vacation filled with wasteful long hot showers and all around carelessness with the conserving of water. Hope you didn’t feel guilty! Ha!

    • It is REALLY hard for me to waste water now. I still turn the tap off while brushing my teeth and find myself taking quick showers instead of extended ones.

      • You should have indulged. EVERY single time I brush my teeth now, I think
        about how that one night on SLAPDASH after so many years off boats, that
        I maybe used two or three mouthfuls of water. I can’t wait for that feeling again!

        • I know what you’re saying but the truth is that, even here on land, fresh water is a finite resource. The habits learned on a boat would serve dirt dwellers too.

  3. Hey guys… I’ve only followed your blog for a short time, but I ran across an article in the last issue of Cruising World.. titled Hands-On Sailor. The author has been a live aboard, full time cruiser for 4 years, and list the 11 indispensable equipment must haves… an article worth checking out…

  4. I think this is the article Gerry was refering to:,0

    Dated January 18, 2013, titled “Simply Indispensable: the best boat equipment”



    • Got it, thank you. All good stuff, I guess. I wouldn’t agree with his suggestion of getting a 4-stroke outboard though. The most common engine out here is a 2-stroke Yamaha and I would stick with that.


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