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Rebecca is presently sitting beside me, taking a small break between her pre-breakfast and actually cooking the meal when our guests awake. To say that she has been busy would be a huge understatement. The joke amongst our guests is that I do nothing on board while she does everything. That’s not a huge stretch!

While food photography is a skill I am by no means an expert at, here are a few snapshots of some meals that we have enjoyed this week. It was suggested by one of our guests this week that instead of just photos like you see below, we take before and after pics of their plates, showing how they cleaned every last bit of food off of them. Perhaps we should. 😉

Sesame-ginger salmon served with coconut rice and fresh orange-scented asparagus

Caribbean cheesesteak stuffed peppers with horseradish & dijon aioli
served with cranberry feta spinach salad

Fillet of mahi mahi grilled with a passion fruit coconut sauce on basmati rice,
served with Caribbean cucumber salad

Rebecca’s B3 (Bun-less Beach Burger) with Caribbean mayo
served with sweet broccoli salad (side dishes not exactly as shown)

Spicy huevos rancheros with tomato salsa and turkey bacon