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Many people probably think that what we are doing is unique. “You should write a book” is something that we have heard more than once. The truth is that the more research we do the more we see that taking off cruising in the tropics is actually fairly common. Perhaps not when compared to the masses but we certainly aren’t doing anything groundbreaking. In fact yesterday Rebecca came across a Blog of a couple who are living at a Marina right here in Kingston and are only a couple of weeks away from their departure date. This morning I was reading another Blog written by a couple who are very much at the same point in the planning stages as we are. And of course there is our favorite cruising couple on Slapdash who are now enjoying themselves somewhere near Fiji!

If you are reading this and are either out cruising already or have some plans on doing so, or just have some words of support we would love to hear from you. Comments here on the Blog or personal emails are always welcome!


  1. Mike,

    I came across your blog a few days ago during my research into the cruising lifestyle. As is my habit, I found your oldest post and have been reading your entries in chronological order. I came across this one today and decided to respond to your request for comments.

    It has been very refreshing to read the details of your planning and preparation for cruising. Was Rebecca sold on this lifestyle early on, or did it take some convincing? My wife is not too keen on this idea yet – she is still “in love” with her job, and as an educator, I guess that is a good thing.

    I appreciated your Mark Twain quote, because I do not want to get to be 70 and wish I had done this.

    I look forward to catching up with your posts (I am currently on page 66, so I have a ways to go) and hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will be able to share some time in the tropics together. I’m just afraid I may miss the hockey… :^)

    Gael Force

    • Hi Ken

      Thanks for the comment.

      We find it interesting that so many people comment about the female half of a couple not being as “on board” as the male. Rebecca and I were both 100% sold on the idea from day 1.

  2. Hi Mike and Rebecca
    Thank you so much for writing this blog, it is very helpful. My husband has been researching doing this exact adventure, I can’t lie I am a little apprehensive. The difference with us is we have a 13 year old daughter that would be coming as we’ll. I have researched and know she can do distance learning, I was just wondering if in your journeys you came across others with kids. I shall continue reading just thought I would send you a quick thanks. 🙂


  3. Hi Mike and Rebecca,

    I must tell you that I have gotten quite a bit of inspiration as well as information from reading your wonderful blog. Although our circumstances and vision vary somewhat from yours, much of our ultimate destination is the same. Thank you for allowing us to follow in your wake!

    We are headed to the BVI’s on Wednesday of this week, chartering a boat and sailing around the area for two months (we came for a month last year). We will keep a watchful eye out for One Love and, if we see her, we may try drop by to meet you in person. Until then, we wish you sunshine, steady winds and smooth sailing!

    Luke & Staci

  4. Dear Mike and Rebecca,
    I want to thank you for your wonderful blog. I have started reading it from the beginning to fully understand what I am getting ready to do. I have had the sailing itch for close to 10 years. I have decided that 2015 is the year that I scratch that itch. I have decided to document this journey with a blog. Your blog has been one of the inspirations. I put it together the past couple of days and actually posted my first blog last night. I hope it becomes as much love as your blog has so many people. Please feel free to visit, the website is Fairwinds and lots of sunshine,


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