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Yesterday I made a huge update to the book section on the Research page listing every book that we are planning on keeping as well as links to where you can find most of the books online. As large as that list is it will no doubt continue to grow. On route to us now is 10 or so cruising guides for various areas in the Caribbean. I will be sure to list those too once we receive them.

Jumping off topic for a moment I would like to publicly say congratulations to Rebecca for receiving her Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu this past Sunday. She was promoted by our longtime coach and friend Wagnney Fabiano. Rebecca is my friend, wife, business partner, training partner and daily inspiration and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Many people list as a challenge to the cruising lifestyle the close quarters that husbands and wives are forced into. Whereas some couples only see each other in passing on a daily basis Rebecca and I are together 24/7. I think this gives us quite the head start!

For those of you who have been asking, yes we will be bringing our BJJ Gis (uniforms) with us on the boat. We plan to visit all of our Jiu-jitsu friends around the world and in between those times, we’ll find some nice beach to work out on!


  1. Rebecca,

    Congratulations on this accomplishment! Granted – you earned it almost 2 years ago, but I am just now reading about it :^)

    I have enjoyed watching Wagnney compete in the WEC, and now that the UFC has absorbed the lighter weight classes, perhaps he will appear in an upcoming UFC event.

    Gael Force

  2. We would love to see that. Wagnney is such a genuine guy and a good friend to us.

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