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We may be sinners but I think Mother Nature still likes us! Yes, according to our PDQ friend Drew, waxing the boat is one of the 7 boating sins but that’s exactly how we spent our morning today. We were a bit under the gun weather wise as the forecast is calling for rain right up until our scheduled launch day Friday. We were at the boat early today though and I’m happy to say that we got the topsides done JUST as the rain was about to start!

Would you believe this green box is full of nothing but cleaning products for the boat?

The smile is solely for the benefit of the photo. Waxing is hard work!


  1. …and you have *TWO* hulls to wax…

    The smile is only for the photo? And here I thought Rebecca was always smiling! Even when she is crawling in the bilge…


  2. Possibly from the freshwater system, if it was not dry; mine always leaks somewhere.

    Condensation is also possible – the hull bottom would have been colder than the shrink wrapped deck. If the shrink wrap leaked, the bilges would draw it. My Stiletto would do that.

    • The freshwater was empty and we put that pink stuff in. The fluid wasn’t pink so it can’t be from inside. It could have been from condensation. The starboard side was dry though. It wasn’t much water; not even enough to use the bilge pump to take it out. We had to use a large sponge.

  3. We’ll be doing the full wax job in a few short weeks. Oy. But she looks so pretty afterwards.

    Speaking of shining. After saying I didn’t need to do it for at least another year I spent half a day shining brass again because I had taken all of the fixtures off to install LEDs which is half the work so I went ahead and did it while they were all down.

  4. Um… if you 2 aren’t super busy, our boat is on the hard and could use a good waxing!! Good luck Friday, we are thinking about you guys!

    • Thanks for the well wishes.

      Yesterday our truck was full of wax-covered rags and the smell was nauseating. I think you’re on your own with that. 🙂

  5. Mike,
    I am so jealous. You guys are living my dream. I have taken a lot of inspiration from reading your journey.
    I would like to start a blog as well and have never done so. You seem to have gotten your own domain and the site is pretty sophisticated (from where I sit anyhow) with mulitle pages, the formatting etc.
    Can you help me understand how you have done this so that I can follow suit? I have started on wordpress, but it doesnt seem to have the bells and whistles yours does. If need be, shoot me an email, please?
    Thanks in Advance, Chris

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for the comment.

      The basics of how the web page looks is defined by the wordpress “theme.” If you do a search for wordpress themes you will likely find a bazillion, some free while other, more complex ones, will cost a bit.

      WordPress also has about a thousand (I don’t think I am exaggerating there) plugins that add functionality to the basic site. The wordpress control panel allows you to install and operate the ones that you choose. For example, the countdown timer in the side bar here one such plugin.

      Prior to getting this all set up you’ll want to have some web space to host your site. We pay for an account at, others have some free space already allocated by their ISP that they use. If you register a domain name ( is one place that can do that for you quite cheaply) you then “point” the registered domain name to the space where you are hosting the blog. It is only a tiny bit more complex than how I just described it.

      If you want to set this up and get stuck just shoot me an email.


    • And thanks for adding yourself as a Fan on our facebook page. 🙂

  6. So you’re saying the smile was there, but the little thought bubble you would see in the comics was “!#^$!^(#!* I just LOVE waxing the boat”?

    Fair Winds,

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