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Today was another good news, bad news, good news, bad news kinda day!

  • GOOD – We found a PDQ 32 for sale IN CANADA, not more than a couple of hours away from us. We contacted the seller for pricing and the number he sent us was not over-the-top crazy.
  • BAD – There was no currency listed in the information sheet he sent me so I felt it was prudent to ask. I mean, is it safe to assume that a Canadian selling a boat in Canada would list the price in Canadian dollars? Um, no. That would not be a safe bet. It was in US dollars! 
  • GOOD – Even factoring in the currency exchange the boat might still work for us. There are several advantages to purchasing the boat here as opposed to buying one in Florida. 
  • BAD – Very bad in fact! My research shows that there is retail sales tax, 8% here in Ontario, payable even on the purchase of a USED BOAT!!! Grrrrr. How many times does the government need to collect tax? I mean, it was already paid when the boat was purchased initially?! 

Sigh! The 649 lottery drawing takes place in just under an hour. Let’s see if Rebecca picked out the correct ticket this time. 😉

If not, maybe we could afford one of these…

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