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We used to joke about how the terrain in Grenada was uphill wherever we went. Now that we’ve been riding here for a few days, with all the wicked hills that we’ve found, it seems as if the area around where our daughter and her family live is entirely similar. I’ve come to learn that this area is quite popular with dirt bike riders, and that’s apparent from some of the trails that we’ve come across. On the bright side, we’re gaining some excellent experience on how to push our bikes up very steep hills!

As you can see in the photos on this post, and especially in the cover photo, we spent some time fitting our bikes with the rest of the bags that we had made by Rogue Panda. We’ve also had numerous packages delivered from Amazon containing some of our camping gear, so we added some of that stuff to the bags. None of that helped with the big hill pushing that went on yesterday, but it’s all good practice!

Hills, and more hills!



Now with helmet, and water bottles!

I’d like to give a shoutout to a local bike store, Citrus Cyclery. We went there to pick up a helmet and some other bike-related stuff, and the guy that helped us there, Chris, was excellent!


  1. Such a different environment of all that I know of you guys. But that’s good, on on.

  2. Wow, those are some steep hills! And great shots. Beautiful country. Mountain biking is so much harder than road biking. What percentage of your upcoming trip will be off pavement?

  3. No shame in pushing up the steep ones, esp with a heavy rig and gear. With practice you’ll improve. Gotta have clip-ins to get some power out of the up-stroke.

    • We would have had some better traction if we had let some air out of our tires. We have yet to experiment with that though.

  4. wow – you sure are finding some hills there – as you say, they will be good training for your trip (or this may change your route some!) As we all know flexibility is the name of the game!

  5. Hey guys,
    Just checked in on you after a long hiatus. We are back on Panthera in the Bahamas.
    So happy to read that you are commencing your next adventure. We will definitely be following with great interest. Good luck with the preparation
    Jane and Ritchie

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