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Exactly two months ago today I wrote a post focused on our great tent debate, as in, which tent should we choose for our cycling trip. As the post indicated, there are a ton of choices, each with a different size, weight, and cost. After comparing the specs for what seems like ages, and even getting our hands on a couple of different models at a local REI, we ultimately decided to order one from Tarptent, a smaller company which sews their tents in the US (Seattle to be specific).

Our tent of choice is…

Tarptent makes a number of different models, but the one we chose is called the Double Moment. The tent is not huge but I think it’ll offer enough space for us. It is also relatively light, and packs down fairly small. Also, with the addition of an optional second pole, it can be set up freestanding, for those times when we aren’t able to stake it out. Time will tell if we chose wisely.


Only the second time that we have set up our Double Moment, and we did so in about 5-6 minutes. 

Note: The video above features the 1-person Moment. We chose the larger 2-person version.


  1. Did you each get one or will you sleep 2 up? 🙂

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