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It’s been a long time since we’ve seen water so calm and glass-like. Our passage to St. Martin and now the one we are currently on, has been some of the calmest motor-sailing that we’ve had on our journey south. Of course, the calm water is caused by a lack of wind but since we’re not currently against motoring, trying to make up some ground (water?) heading south, we’ll take it.

Our initial plan yesterday was to head to Antigua and if we were making good time, continue on to Deshaies in Guadeloupe instead. Now that we have reached Deshaies, we have decided to continue on even more down the coast of Guadeloupe to “The Saints.” There we’ll anchor for the night and likely continue on towards Dominica, or again, perhaps further.

Who says we can’t make it to Grenada before the start of H-Season? 🙂

“Cruisers’ plans are written in the sand at low tide”

***Posted while offshore in the waters of Guadeloupe.

Rebecca’s hand-painted French courtesy flag looks pretty good while under way.

To ease the boredom, we decided to do a set of a different exercise each hour on the hour. Here is Rebecca using our improvised chin-up bar.

Pushups for me. Note: I hate pushups!

Rebecca couldn’t miss her morning TRX workout.
Here she is off the coast of Guadeloupe. The water is calm!

I get very creative when it comes to finding an internet connection!


  1. I like your quote: “Cruisers’ plans are written in the sand at low tide.”

    What’s the attribution? Did one of you two come up with that?

    I’d like to include it on our sailing quotes page. (

    • Hi Larry

      Sorry but I don’t know the source. I do know that it wasn’t either of us who came up with it. I just heard it somewhere and remembered it because I liked it as well.

  2. Romance is also an option for great excercise…

    Kissing: 68 calories per hour
    Undressing: 8+ calories total
    Massaging: 80+ calories per hour
    Having Sex: 144+ calories per half-hour
    Making Out: 238 calories per half-hour
    Romantic Dancing: 103 calories per half-hour

  3. Read you guys were looking for Slapdash. We sold them the boat and follow their very entertaining site. Check out for more information on the slappers. La palapa is hanging with them and updates his site more frequetly.
    Gotta say we love your site too. Keep having a blast; it’ll be over before you know it.
    Ted and Rhonda

    • Hi guys
      I’m not sure when we were looking for them but we’ll be sure to check out your site as well. Thanks for the link.


    • Thank you Ted and Rhonda. My wife and I are soon to be searching out our next boat, a Gemini 105MC. We have been following Seth and Jaime for quite awhile, and as you know, they don’t post as often as we wish they would. Selfish us! Of course Mike and Rebecca win the prize for most updated cruising cat couple. And thank you Zero to cruising!

  4. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    Now that is nice & calm water,Good ideas with the exerting , as for catching fish, i have always been told you wont get fish under 6knts. & never herd of many had either. Is that a builders “clamp” holding the arial & Is that the Alfa Arial ? as all the ones here in NZ are small usb sticks.But have look at those ones on the web. I “think we will have to wait until we get to the USA. to get all our bits & peaces.

    • Did you mean UNDER 6 knots or over? We have heard that you won’t catch many fish OVER 6 knots.

      The clamp is just a little workshop vise and yes, it is an Alfa (with a 9 DBI antenna). I’m sure you could order one where you are.

  5. Glad you are having a smooth trip down island. I vote for a stop in Domenica.

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