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We know very well how quickly time flies by. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months before we realize it. Our countdown timer (look to the right), which we had only a short while ago reset to reflect our new departure date, is already under a year. In just over a month Rebecca and I will no longer be permitted to operate our boat, unless we get our Pleasure Craft Operators Card! The deadline is September 15th so we had better get cramming. 🙂

Rebecca cramming this morning for the test!

Just after 7:00 AM this morning I was out on deck, removing our old barbecue to make way for the new one purchased yesterday. I have to say that the installation of this one was at least 100 times easier than the assembly of our last home barbecue.


and after!

Speaking of time flying by, it is August 12th today and it appears as if Summer has finally arrived. Hopefully we will be able to sneak out and do some sailing later this week.

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  1. In spite of the fact that the above weather forecast makes no hint of rain, it is now pouring outside. We are at work and have left all of the hatches on our boat open. Grrrr

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