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I am writing this post while sitting in our boat’s cockpit, docked at the marina, watching the staff prepare to lift a boat high into the air and hopefully deposit her safely in the nearby water. This is a fairly common occurrence here and the guys obviously know what they are doing. When it comes time to haul Katana out I am sure I will not be quite as calm as I am right now!

Last night we had the “opportunity” to sleep in the port side berth. We did so because the weather forecaster was a bit too optimistic when he said it wouldn’t rain yesterday. Yes, all hatches open equals water in boat during rain storm. Fortunately our boat has tons of hatches and thus ventilation. With all of them opened up (and no further water coming in) the wet mattress and sheets dry pretty quickly.

I recently purchased and read a new book: Multihull Seamanship. As mentioned before, and linked on our Research Page, we have a fairly extensive library of sailing/cruising books. Books which relate specifically to Multihulls (catamarans and trimarans) are much less common. I really enjoyed this book. Although it didn’t go into a ton of detail on topics it did cover some important points and I feel that I learned a fair amount. I recommend it!

Speaking of books, one thing our boat is lacking is a good place to store them. Katana’s previous owner David gave us a good suggestion for how/where to build a shelf. Below is an example of where it will go (opposite the Navigation Station in the starboard hull) and below that is a rough diagram of the plans for the shelf. My high-school drafting classes are finally paying off. 🙂

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