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As time goes by I think I’m becoming more and more of a tree hugger, and that’s a good thing. Single use water bottles haven’t had a place on our boat for some time, and we do our best to only use recycled, reusable grocery bags. One area that I know can be improved on is our use of disposable razors. Those cheap pieces of plastic, which only work properly a few times, are absolutely ridiculous for the environment. But what to use in their place?

I guess I could use a safety razor, similar to the one my Dad used to use. Or perhaps a straight razor? My last name is Sweeney, after all.

Or, I guess I could go this way…


What’s your solution?


  1. In preparation for things to come, I asked myself this same question a month ago. I cant use the cheap Bic razors, they are brutal on my baby face and the multi bladed monstrosities are expensive. I Googled and YouTube’d safety razors. My grandpa used them for years, I never saw him cut off any appendages or need stitches, but the fear was there.

    Long story short, I purchased a long handle Merkur Safety Razor (cause I’m tall, or maybe because of the myth that I have big hands and long fingers) and blades from Amazon, bought some shaving cream, I’ve found that just plain old soap has worked for me as well. Works like a charm. Razor $21.00, 100 blades $12.45. I’ll never go back. As always, we deliver when in the area ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mike, are you looking for an excuse to grow a beard? LOL
    If you’ve never tried one, why not. the razor, I use the Bic 3-blade. Get at least a month out of each. I only shave every couple days , in the shower, and I use an inexpensive hand lotion instead of the pricey soaps or gels. I also use a small battery operated electric when I’m in a hurry. Had it and two sets of rechargeable batts for a year and a half. A low cost system to be certain, but I don’t have customers I need to present to. The only honey I snuggle with has more whiskers than I do. She also has four legs, is only concerned whether I’ve cleaned her litter box, filled her water and food dish, and how long it’s been since her last brushing to reduce hairballs.

    • Growing a beard would be costly… I’d need to get a new wife!

      As for the Bic 3-blade things, they are $$$$$, and still disposable, so not that great IMO.

      I’d go for the beard if I were you. The cat will like it, I’m sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You could closely trim your beard with scissors.

  4. I started on safety razors in the early 70s. Keep them tight, clean, and go slow after a good face prep. An occational nic is to be expected. That is what a steptic pencil is for. Now I use dollar shave club but that is not practical for you.

  5. I went old school with a safety razor and a box of 100 blades. I got the blades from Amazon Canada for $20.

    You can also get small bottles of shaving oil which eliminate the need for shaving cream, are tiny, and last forever. I got mine at an American Walmart.

  6. Classic straight razors are fine when cutting down longer hair, but for the daily shave, it becomes sometimes hard to get all the stubble to achieve a close shave. Also, for daily shaving, expect to have 2 or 3 razors to alternate between days. The best razors also aren’t made from stainless steel, so expect to maintain them well to keep rust away. I love my straight razor, but it isn’t the best tool when in hurry. You also need a leather strop to keep the sharp.

    If you shave daily and don’t go from hobo-pirate to baby-face and back, the classical razor blade holder with simple double edge blades are probably the most practical solution. Sure, you throw away the blades, but them being steel, they rust away rather quickly. Wilkinson has some affordable ones for a few dollar.

    The many-bladed wonders aren’t so bad either if you go with the older models, where the disposable part had only little plastic. So rather the classic Gilette Sensor with only 2 blades than the Gilette Mach 3. Once the plastic is burnt away, the little pieces of steel will rust away quickly.

    Another reasonable alternative are electric shavers, if you like them. Probably the most reusable solution after the classic straight razor.

    For shaving cream I went with hard shaving soap be whipped up with a badger brush into foam. Works like a charm and leaves no empty pressurized cans or plastic bottles.

  7. I use the safety razor ( although the blades do no last) and soap and water for shaving cream. Also as we get older and don’t ” make out” as much anymore I find I can skip a day.

  8. I switched to Harry’s about six months ago. The replacement blades last long and are half the cost, but they are disposable. I’d be a little nervous using a straight blade on a rocking boat but its probably the more manly/salty alternative.

  9. I have been using the Mach III for years and really like it – but have been thinking about alternatives also. I think I have a couple of my grandfathers safety razors in a box somewhere back in sad America. The soap cup and brush would also be cool to try. I use JR Ligget’s Shampoo Soap on the boat and have used it to shave in a pinch – but not ideal. I like the idea of getting away from the cans of shaving cream.

  10. High Tech Solution – I bought a good Braun electric (I think it was around $100) and made sure it had a lithium battery. The metal-foil head didn’t chew up my skin like a Norelco, and the blades/foil seem to last about 2 years at my 3x a week usage rate. In the end it’s a lot cheaper than really good blades, doesn’t burn when you sweat afterwards (tested on a boat in the southern Grenadines), and takes almost nothing to charge. I hear Panasonics are good too. Just make sure it’s got a lithium battery. FWIW.

  11. Panasonic electric razors are waterproof. I’ve been using mine for 4 years now on the original blade and foil. The lithium battery lasts a month or so between charges with use every day on a pretty heavy beard. I had a nice Braun before this, and they make a waterproof version now as well. That’s the lowest impact, cheapest way to shave out there, bar none.

  12. Hands-down, there is no other choice for shaving with a disposable than the Bic Metal Shaver. It’s a slim black and white single blade shaver with a metal bar. You cannot get a closer, cleaner shave without a straight razor. Swipe, rinse, or swish in water, it will never clog. Even the “safety” razor will not do as well (the angle is wrong). Be forewarned – a new one will hack you to pieces until you get used to it, but afterward, you will never need another method of shaving. Don’t look in stores though, I had to buy them from Europe on Amazon. About $1 each, they last me months on my face, and afterward in other uses. On a side note, I always recommend this razor to ladies, for their, “lady parts”, they always thank me.

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