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One thing I’ve come to realize is that, when you’re together with someone 24-7 on a small boat, arranging surprise gifts and parties is a bit more challenging. Although back on land I wasn’t too bad at this sort of thing, I think that up to this point, I haven’t been too successful at it on the boat. All that changed last evening though I guess. Using Facebook instant messaging and messages whispered when Rebecca wasn’t looking, I managed to arrange for a bunch of our friends to meet us at Prickly Bay Marina’s Tiki Bar last night for a surprise birthday party. I also had Rebecca’s gift, a brand new sit-on-top kayak, waiting there for us. Rebecca tells me that she was completely surprised by both the party and the gift. With this success, I may have set the bar pretty high for next year though.

I’d like to offer a very sincere thank you to all of our friends who came out last night. Your presence made Rebecca very happy!

Note: Towing the kayak home after a night of drinking was “entertaining.”


  1. Well Mike, sounds like you supassed yourself, hard to arrange but executed brilliantly.
    Have a couple of beers on Hog !!

  2. Man! Does she look HAPPY! Good job Mike.

  3. Well Up till now I have been taking notes regarding your sailing, repairs, ports ,charts etc. However I now find myself paying close attention to your skills with regards to Rebecca. I have been married for 33 years and sometimes need to reminded how great the woman in our lives are . You make it look easy .Thanks for sharing.

  4. Well done. As you say difficult to achieve. One happy lady!


  5. Happy Birthday Rebecca! Love ya’lls energy!

  6. The trouble is now we need two kayaks, they’re so much fun, and we really don’t have the space.

    With just the two of you, though, even one kayak will greatly increase independence of travel; before we got the kayak, my daughter kept stranding me and the wife on the boat!

  7. Wow, you really did raise the bar… HOW did you arrange to get a new Kayak, and not get noticed, on a small island, on a boat? Rebecca looks happy & beautiful… Happy Birthday to her, and Happy Belated Anniversary to both of you. Cheers for many more years of giddy, goose-bump love and sunset evenings, holding hands on a boat. 🙂

    • How did I do it? On a trip to the post office I stopped off at the chandlery to see that they had one in stock. I finalized the order via telephone when I was on our friends’ boat. I then had the kayak delivered to the location where I had planned to have the party. Happily it all worked out.

  8. Belated “Happy Birthday” to your bride.

    Reading your blog is an inspiration and we have begun the journey, albeit it with tiny baby steps. We are taking an Edel 665 (22′) off the hands of a friend who has been out of the country studying for 3 years and is not going to use it when he returns. It has been on the hard since fall 2010 and is need of some significant TLC after 2 Toronto winters of neglect. I will spend the rest of the summer and fall getting her ready for splashing spring 2013.

    Cheers to all of us 50 something grandparents….off to spend the next 3 days with a 3 year old @ Toronto Zoo and the Islands. He is a 3 foot high hurricane with non-stop energy.

  9. Do you have an unmarried brother? Uncle???

    Rebecca is a very blessed girl. And I am guessing you are about to say it is YOU who are blessed. Well, you BOTH are.

    And about that uncle…

  10. A belated Happy Birthday to Rebecca and Happy Anniversary to you both!

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