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With several of our recent posts centered more around hiking than cruising, I thought that perhaps we should change the name of this blog to Grenadian Hiking and Hashing or something similar? Continuing with that theme though, yesterday afternoon we travelled with our friend George to the Post Royal area of Grenada to take part in what was to be the longest hash we have done to date (it took Rebecca and I one hour and thirty five minutes to complete the longest trail). In addition to being the longest, I think it is also in the running for being the most scenic one too, with the trail bringing us out onto the beach and right alongside the waterfalls at Mt. Carmel. That is going to be the last bit of hiking for a while though, at least for me that is, as I fly out to Trinidad this evening to complete the STCW course. Fear not loyal readers, more nauti talk is just around the corner.

Clean and dry. This was soon to change.

Hashmaster giving the details on the event.

I think that might be Marquis Island off to the Rebecca’s left (right side of image).

Beginning a seriously steep descent.

We don’t often get to run on the beaches.

We were all a little sweaty by this point.

All worries about getting wet were gone after this!

These guys were singing and chanting as we ran by.

The scenery in Grenada is stunning!

Post hash ceremonies.

The “dottie potty,” filled with warm beer.

Grandad and Doggie Style, the two hares who set the hash, receive a well-deserved Down Down. Grandad opted to wear the beer instead of drinking it.


  1. This brings back happy memories. I participated in the Hash in Cairo Egypt for a few years (1985-86). It was wonderful. Saw much of Egypt I never would have found.

  2. OK, how come these trail runs you guys are making are called hashes?

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