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Since we first made the announcement about our running charters, countless people have asked us who will be looking after the cooking when we’re on the new boat, as if there was really any question of that. Of course Rebecca will be! She has taken a serious interest in cooking as of late, especially given that, when she is in control of the galley, she gets to ensure that we’re eating healthy.

One of the popular activities put on for cruisers here in Grenada is a weekly cooking class that focuses on local cuisine. Rebecca joined in last week and was happy to find that the lesson of the day centered on chicken roti (or really, chicken curry), one of our favorite meals here. Not only did the participants get a bit of hands-on practice folding the rotis, they also got to sample their creations. I, unfortunately, did not get such a treat!


  1. I am looking forward to Rebecca helping me to become a healthy foodie!

  2. OK… I realize that you are NOT on mainland NA, but food handling gloves would be nice…

  3. “An Embarrassment of Mangos” is a great guide to have around. It comes in Kindle. Great story and great recipes. My only challenge here is sourcing Callaloo. I have been using Kale as a substitute, and I hear fresh spinach works as well. Have fun!

    • We have each read the book 3 times. You’ll see it linked on our research page.

      Anne, the author, and her husband Steve are anchored a couple hundred meters from us right now. As a matter of fact, Anne was at the same cooking class, a first for her also.

      • Most awesome Mike. Please pass on my regards to Anne, love the book. The book always takes me back to summers in the Bahamas, and the Mom’s of the kids I played with cooking up stuff that was out of bounds good!

        PS. I challenge everyone to read “An Embarrassment of Mangos” or “The Spice Necklace” and report back what “SDJ” means. Cracked me up!

  4. Cheryl, Mike and Mikayla

    Esther is the best! Lots of laughs during her cooking classes. What’s her boss’s name, the one on the right in the topmost photo?

  5. Actually Mike, you had it correct the first time. What’s in those pictures is in fact Chicken Roti (a curried chicken dish served with roti) first made popular in the eastern Caribbean, most notably Trinidad & Tobago. Chicken Curry or rather (Curry Chicken & Rice) is a western Caribbean dish which was popularized in Jamaica.

    • 🙂

      I know what a Roti is.

      The reason I said what I did is because the people running the class said they were teaching how to cook chicken curry. They just happened to be putting it into roti skins. They did not teach how to make the skins in that class.

  6. You know if you ever need taste-testing guinea pigs, David and I would gladly apply for the position !!

  7. Hi again Mike and Rebecca:

    Knowing how the two of you have always been interested in backing up your skills with credentials, it may be worthwhile adding a food safety program to your credentials toolbox. Out here in British Columbia, the FoodSafe program is a great opportunity to do just that. It is recognized both in BC and across Canada, and possibly soon on Canadian operated and crewed yachts in the Caribbean 🙂

    They do offer online certification if I do recall. Just like the rest of yachting and boating in general – “prepare, execute, tidy up”.

    Our best wishes – Alan and Christina (ex S/V mango Groove)

  8. We ate chicken Rotis at a little spot in Gouyave this winter. Mmmmmm!

    Our friends lived in Tobago for a year and told us something called Doubles (served out of a roadside car!) were even better. Heard of those?

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