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While traveling from Canada to Grenada, we renamed all days of the week Sameday, due to our observation that there really was no difference from day to day, for us anyway. Here in Grenada though, with its Georgetown-like* organization of events, we’ve come to think of days as follows:

  • Sun (Beach Party) Day – at Roger’s Beach.
  • Mon (Nothing) Day – Nothings happens on Mondays. Weird.
  • Tues (Movie) Day – At Clarke’s Court Bay Marina – We don’t typically attend.
  • Wed (Burger) Day – Also at CCB Marina – A fun party generally follows it.
  • Thurs (VolleyBall) Day – We actually play on other days too, but Thursday is a standard.
  • Fri (Pizza) Day – again at Roger’s Beach. Home made pizza by Mary!
  • Satur (Hash) Day – To burn off all the pizza, burgers and beer!

Can you guess where we were yesterday?

Of course, special things do pop up, like the previously mentioned Dinghy concert. Here is a new video that the concert’s organizers just posted about that event. Fun times!

*Georgetown in the Exumas is famous for its full schedule of events, giving it a summer-camp like feel. Some hate it but many more love it, which is likely why it is such a popular stopping point.


  1. Those are some days of the week I can get behind!

  2. Colour me green.

    I want those days of the week.

    And I loved the video of the dinghy concert. Oh how I’d love to be there.

  3. Music plus sailing. Recipe for perfection!

  4. There are times, many times on Kanau, when we have no idea what day of the week it is. I remember one glorious week in the Bahamas when we didn’t know what month it was.

    I always liked the island time story when the taxi driver on St. Thomas was asked by a tourist, “What time is it?” He looked out the window and said, “Daytime, Mon.”

  5. Love love love the dinghy concert. That looks like a ton of fun. Cheers!

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