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It is always a pleasure to have guests on board who both understand, and appreciate the work that we put into a charter, and it was obvious to us that our last four guests, our fifth group this season, fit into that category.

Unlike the week previous where the Christmas Winds were blowing in full force, we had unseasonably settled conditions during this charter (read light winds). In spite of that, we still had some great sails early on in the week.

Similar to the guests that we had on board before Christmas who requested a special Paleo menu, Rebecca was tasked with serving a completely gluten-free menu this time around. As always, she knocked it out of the park, with the guests enjoying everything that she put in front of them.

Both Rebecca and I had a lot of fun with Bill, Jennifer, Kelly and Sheila, sharing many laughs and fun experiences throughout the week. Hopefully we’ll see their smiling faces on board with us again in the not-too-distant future.

Rebecca was amazing at anticipating our needs. Meals, snacks, portions… all perfect. Truly loved it all. No disappointment with food. Thank you both for meals and cocktails! — Kelly

Most amazing trip! Wasn’t sure if I would be OK with accommodations (i.e. sleeping well on the boat) but all was fabulous! Really appreciate Mike and Rebecca’s attention to detail. Thanks so much for showing us a little bit of your paradise. — Jennifer

Mike and Rebecca, you were so lovely and accommodating. Fun, yet relaxed and professional. You made wonderful suggestions to optimize our shorter trip. The service was spectacular! You made our vacation special and memorable. We were glad you joined us for games, snorkeling and to Foxy’s. — Sheila

I so appreciated your knowledge, professionalism. Loved getting to know you both. Amazing boat, delightful company and crew, breath taking views, fun experiences and activities. Mike and Rebecca, you were fabulous hosts. You complement each other and made this trip a dream come true. — Kelly

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