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As nice as some of the Virgin Island hotels are, in our opinion, there really is no better way to fully experience the beauty that the islands have to offer than by boat. Our last guests, who celebrated their honeymoon here 10 years ago, just got to experience that for themselves.

Rebecca and I were super happy to have Wes and Colleen on board One Love for the last week, and we enjoyed shuttling them around to a selection of our favorite spots as they celebrated their anniversary. Like the week previous, the winds were light so our opportunities to sail were limited. That didn’t stop us from having a great time though. In fact, we took full advantage of the settled conditions, making numerous stops all the way from St. Thomas to Virgin Gorda.

This was our first time with only two guests on board and we enjoyed spending time getting to know them, sharing laughs and stories, games and movies. As Colleen noted in her post-charter survey, she feels that she made some good friends while chartering with us. We couldn’t agree more! We only hope that Wes and Colleen won’t wait another 10 years before they come back to visit.

Yes, we’ll stand on our heads to make sure that our guests have a great time. Literally!

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