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With the final bit of our Seamanship homework completed last Friday (woo hoo!) we are already moving on to the latest additions to our to-do list. We now have a very large watermaker box taking up residence in our salon area. This watermaker is the single largest purchase decision that we have made for our boat to date. Now that the money has long since left our bank account I am confident that we’ll be happy that we made the investment.

Similar to our discussions yesterday about where to store various items, we now need to decide where to install this unit. Unlike many monohulls that may have trouble finding the space, we actually have multiple options. I have yet to open the box and read any of the documentation, which itself might include some suggestions for a suitable spot, but my research to this point leads me to believe that we want the location to be easily accessible for routine maintenance. I think that it might also be nice to have the spot be ok to get a bit wet?

Unrelated to any of the above, check out these swans which have taken up residence just off our marina’s fuel dock. Over the course of the day we saw multiple cars stopping to have people get out and snap some pics of them. Are swans a good sailing omen?


  1. Swans and geese are neat to look at….from a distance. Close up they are filthy sh***ing machines. They can completely cover a dock in foul, slimey, slippery feces overnight. It boils my blood to see people feeding them, ecouraging them to hang around. Ever hear one land on your deck at night when your sound asleep? Let’s just say the sound of a 15 pound bird landing above your head can turn YOU into a filthy sh***ing machine in the comfort of your own berth….lol

  2. I really hope that the install location doesn’t get wet… You’ll need a place where you can have easy access to seawater in, seawater out, and freshwater out. I think you might want to have a Y valve on the output, with the alternative going to a test point, where you can sample the water before directing it to your tank.

    Also, our Powersurvivor is set up for use with a hand crank – if yours allows that, you may want to locate it where use of a hand crank would not be terribly awkward…


    • You’re right Bob. As I said, I had yet to read the manual. It specifically says to NOT have it in a place where it will get wet. What it does say, and this is where the confusion came from, is to position it so that if it did leak it would not harm other stuff.

      I never really got into the documentation yesterday but I’ll find out if that hand crank option exists with this model.


  3. Helen A. Spalding

    Trumpeter swans, which is what are in your picture, are the largest native North American bird. I think they are an excellent omen for sailing, despite the fact that their output is commensurate with their size!

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