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One would think that moving back onto the boat after the winter would be easier than when we did it the first time last summer. To be honest it doesn’t feel that way. Perhaps it is that we are getting rid of all of our land-based storage or perhaps it’s that we’re trying to do multiple projects simultaneously. Regardless, getting the boat tucked away “just so” is taking some time.

When deciding where to store things on board there are quite a few factors that we need to consider. The first, and probably the most important, is ease of access. Things that are needed daily need to be easy to get to. Things that are used very rarely can be hidden at the bottom of a locker. For example, the storage space under the beds is huge as you can see in the pic below, but getting to something at the bottom could take a few minutes. One thing we have done for this area is distribute softer objects into various dry sacks and bags that we kept from our kayaking days. We have each of them labeled with colored tags listing their contents in the hope that it will be easier to just reach in and grab the right bag when looking for something.

The next consideration for us is weight distribution. If you’ve ever played with one of those wooden labyrinth games, distributing objects around the boat reminds me a lot of that. Too much weight towards the stern (in the above-mentioned lockers) isn’t good. Too much weight up front is equally bad. Of course, there is also the balance from side to side to consider. We have been thinking hard about where to place the heavier objects to balance out other parts of the boat that hold a lot of weight.

Today we need to pick up the final bit of stuff for the boat: the cockpit cushions and the port berth’s mattress. When we get everything all put back together I’m sure it will be great. No doubt though that as we live with it we’ll find out what works and what doesn’t and make changes.


  1. Boy, you guys are really well organized Mike!

    People on shore, tho they consider ease of access, never have to consider balance when storing things. Thanks for highlighting that difference!


  2. So far we have gone through a major re-organization of part or all of our boat about every 6 months. Each time though, our standard of living is significantly improved. Our next major re-org is our lazarettes and our spares (because we are ordering a bunch of spares so we need to think that organization through).

    • I’m always amazed at how large apart of learning to sail a new boat is learning how to store things best. I am even more amazed at how long it takes to learn these ways.

      If I ever get to a major re-cushion project, years from now, I will make it so that the seats in the salon simply hinge up, to the inside. I think. So much for dreaming.

      • Yeah, I have been trying to decide on the best way for those cushions to work too. I don’t think I would invest any money in trying to improve it right now but it definitely could be improved.

    • Yup. We’re on that too. 🙂

  3. When you decide what is to be stowed in each of those big lockers, make a list of what’s in there and post it on the outside. As you make changes/use stuff up, cross it off and, if you will need it again, add it to the shopping list. Saves looking through all the lockers for the right, labeled bag! 🙂

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