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Not too long ago we received the following anonymous comment from one of our faithful readers

I can only assume that it was a lame attempt at an insult but you never can tell with people like that. The thing is, we really didn’t consider it to be an insult at all. Only a fool would set up a service business and then expect to not serve customers/clients. Contrary to what some of my posts may lead you to believe, we are not fools. It would be a shame to go to all this work and expense and then not have clients to enjoy the boat and our wonderful company, wouldn’t you think? 😉

Now off the dock with most of our major construction projects behind us (note that I said most, not all), we have begun to shift gears:

  • Repairs and Project Management -> Cleaning and Boat Pimping -> Serving Clients

At the moment we are cleaning and organizing and planning and cleaning some more… all with the Charter Boat Show in St. Thomas as our immediate goal. We still have a lot to do. It’s a pretty large boat to scrub with a tooth brush! 🙂

Last evening’s sunset as seen from the transom of One Love.

Our view while preparing dinner. Not Too Bad!


  1. There has always been a certain percentage of small minded people in the human species, and since the population is getting more dense, they are easily noticed at every point of the compass. You guys are making it happen, unlike some drone who sits back and snipes at others.

  2. Well good for them for being so holier than thou. Geeze…do they not realize that the majority of the world is made up of people who serve others. That waitress in your favorite restaurant? Guess what they serve you. The doctor who diagnosis your illness. Yep, he serves you too. I work in a non-profit and the largest majority of my job is customer service. I have also waited tables. Guess what? I find serving others a very rewarding job. I think every person should just once in their lifetime spend some time serving. You’ll appreciate those who do it even more, but you might find that the non monetary rewards of connecting with people cannot be valued. KUDOS to you all for finding a passion (sailing) and turning it into a way to make a living. SHouldn’t we all be so lucky!

  3. It is a sad truth of the world that imagination, creativity and striving to build something greater than our present circumstance often is met with criticism from the anonymous minions. You sold a prosperous business leaving behind community, family and friends to discover something wonderful. Thank goodness you have the heart and a willingness to share and serve!

  4. I’m sure you’re going to be great at chartering! You’ll be able to support your cruising while cruising!!

  5. Personally, I believe you two are preparing to serve and be a part of the charter industry EXACTLY as it should be accomplished.

    Just the Cat alone: Learning the boat and it’s systems by DIY projects and overseeing upgrades – normal and unexpected repairs – sailing passages with her, etc. What better way is there to learn about this boat other than to Do It!

    I’m also sure the food and personal service will be well received by guests. Your personalities already exhibited via social media and obvious friends you’ve made will serve you well.

    I could go on and on but from what I’ve read and experienced via visual presentation, I think a charter experience with Mike & Rebecca on OneLove would be second-to none.

  6. You guys have been servants on a boat for quite some time now! You’ve been selfless servants to us, your loyal readers, since you started this blog, and many an hour I’ve spent enjoying Grenada, the Virgins, numerous hashes, hikes, dinghy trials, and countless other adventures that I wouldn’t have been able to without you guys. Now you’re going to bring that experience to the people, get paid for it, and share your adventures with others. Seems like a step up to me, an enhancement to what you’ve already been doing.

    Cast off the bowlines and leave the negative Nancies of the internet on the dock; the rest of us can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold!

  7. Well, let’s assume the comment wasn’t meant in a negative way at all. On another note, I just want to Thank Mike for posting everything regarding the maintenance they are doing. While we are two years from our boat purchase and retirement, I print and file by category any solutions shown, not knowing what we will end up with or need to do. Figuring it will give us a heads up and head start when the time comes to have ideas already in hand. Can’t hurt anyway.

    Again, thanks both of you.

    • My assumption that it was negative was based on previous comments from the same poster. Otherwise I would have just thought that it was from someone without a command of the English language.

  8. As long as you two are having fun (and entertaining us) … Who cares …

    Thanks for showing us there is another way 🙂

  9. A few times I’ve been in the “People Pleasing Business” IE: Ski Instructor & Snowmobile Tour Guide– Running other peoples boats for them so they can entertain there guests… I have always enjoyed putting a smile on peoples faces– But some times you just can’t please everyone… There’s gonna be a rotten apple now and again…

    I’m sure you two will have fun entertaining your guests on your beautiful and now fully appointed yacht!!

    Looking forward to your first Blog about your first charter…


  10. “I can only assume that it was a lame attempt at an insult but you never can tell with people like that.” Like what? I didn’t read the comment as insulting at all but a double play on what you’re servants of.

    Are you servants OF the boat? “boat servants”
    Or servants ON the boat? You serve people but happen to be on a boat.
    Maybe they were trying to point out both? You serve the boat & you serve the people.

    Maybe the poster did mean “servant” in a derogatory manner. Pfft. Whatever. We all serve someone. Lawyers serve their clients. Doctors serve their patients.

    So far, it sounds to me like a VERY expensive undertaking to get the boat up and ready for chartering. I’m sure you and the boat owner have run the numbers on how much it’ll cost before starting to earn money back. But so far we’re reading about lots of $$$ being poured into a hole in the water.

    • As I mentioned in another comment, my assumption that it was negative was based on previous less-than-positive comments by the same poster.

  11. I think you guys are doing a great job! I also wanted you to know what a inspiration you are to the rest of us. I started reading the blog two months ago and now I dial in every morning to see what new challenges you guys are facing. I’m hoping to be where you guys are in ten years and your blog just helps me keep moving forward with my goals. Thanks for letting us join along on your adventures and serving the needs of the fans for more ZerotoCruising!

  12. Bless you, bless you, bless you. Just realizing the importance of how to meet and anticipate your future customer’s needs and embracing customer servantship is something lacking in many charter operations. While we have been fortunate to charter many times, our last trip to the BVIs had us trapped in a vacation hell with a crew who treated us like we were an imposition the entire trip. After that experience, we said “no more charter trips”… but, maybe we will save up our pennies and dimes and hop aboard One Love someday soon!

    I love reading the blog and following the growth of your business. I know it will be a success!

    • That sucks about your last charter. Unfortunately I think many people offer themselves up as “charter boats” without taking the job seriously. They likely think it will be an easy way to make some cash while cruising. We have no such illusions.

  13. I think it is whatever you make it, and that is pretty obvious.

    Besides you have already attached monikers. It is right up there at the top of this post.


    Can’t wait to read about how fun the customers have.

  14. For the record anyone who owns or manages anything is a servant or the entity owned deteriorates and looses value. Any owner or manager who places blind trust in others will sooner or later pay the price of his inattention. People who make ignorant comments are not usually people who excel at anything, because their perspective is too small and/or their intellect too weak to approach life in an intelligent manner. Many of these people seem to end depending on the government for a paycheck or a ???check. Thank you two for having the intelligence to take the bull by the horns and “make it happen”!

  15. I’ve been a boat servant for years. Just look at the project list.

  16. From doing charters now (I cook, clean, fix, clean, cruise direct, clean, cook, fix, captain all myself) alone, It is hard hard work to provide a service for people that entrust you with their hard earned money. I try to make it the best experience they have had….I am up at 5:00 am and go to bed on average at midnight. Enjoy it, it beats a office cubicle…

  17. We all serve someone, I’d write more but my wife is texting me………….. 😉

  18. When you put yourself out there like you guys have (and most of us appreciate being invited along), you must develop a thick skin. There will always be somebody wanting to rain on your parade. Ignore them, I am sure they would trade places in a minute given the opportunity. I would!

  19. You knew that eventually you’d have to find some steady income. Congratulations on being able to use your new skills.

    I would not pay much attention to those cubical commandos. Like the old Dylan song says: you’ve got to serve somebody.

    If a client is truly nasty, you can always show him how an anchor works.

  20. What a bunch of A#@HOLES!!! I have followed you guys for years and my only regret is not having the Doodads to be there right along side of you guys. Be well

  21. I wouldn’t say you are servants at all. You are out there living the dream of sailing. I’ve been reading your blog all summer. I read the new posts every day and have been reading the back posts trying to catch up on what I’ve missed. I’m years behind you in terms of living my dream, but you are a great inspiration. Keep living the dream.

  22. My favorite time of serving others was after mixing a rum and pineapple for myself so I could set the dinner table to “perfection”(dimensions are important), then invite the guests in from the cockpit to sit, after the cook served the food, it was for me to be at the table that last minute and ask, ” Is there anything you don’t see that you wish to have before dinner?” When they all smile at me and say, “No, this looks marvelous.” I got to then enter the doorway to the galley, look back and say, “Bon appetite!”

    Then charge in with the cook and captain and share a quick meal right out of the bowls as they sat on the stove. Then, clean the cockpit, clean the decks stow the dingy, etc. etc, and “be there” the minute they finish their dinner. “Would you all like to go to sure, I can have the dingy ready in 5 minutes?”

    Ahh, the life of a simple server guy. I really did love sharing the boat with guests, but we sure did like it when we took them to shore for the last time too. PARTY!

  23. I think you all are doing a great job and would love to be right there with you. Not to get off topic but why do you not have a Facebook page as well?

  24. Anyone who has owned a boat is a boat servant! You guys are just lucky enough to make money at it. Who hasn’t had visitors on board for a meal. Yep, I was a servant on a boat, but loved every minute of it. You guys again, are just lucky enough to make money at it. I would want to believe, that most folks sit in their cubicles and just dream about your “working conditions.” You two seem to be a very hard working couple, making it possible to earn some money while doing something that they absolutely love. We should all be so lucky!

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